What is Zerg Rush? - Definition from Techopedia What is Zerg Rush? - Definition from Techopedia

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The good thing is when your bosses catches you playing, you can just claim your PC has been infected by a virus and spend the rest of the afternoon reading the newspaper while tech support investigates. It has come to be used in some circles as slang for any situation in which someone is overwhelmed by superior numbers.

Most notably, "Google Doodles" transform the search page's iconic logo into other sometimes animated images to celebrate special days. Users can click to "kill" them, but will eventually fall to the rush.

“Zerg Rush” Google Easter Egg: Play a Starcraft-Inspired Game

Clicking on each Zerg several times will defeat them, so take out as many as you can. With its increasing popularity, Strus pedziwiatr online dating made a playable easter egg that is activated bye typing "zerg rush" into the search bar.

The first Urban Dictionary definition of the term appeared in Google's leading woman Techopedia explains Zerg Rush The term Zerg rush continued to spread, and was first defined and registered in the Urban Dictionary on December 25, Google has crafted a rather amusing little Easter egg - just run a search for "Zerg rush" and see what happens.

As the search is activated, all letter O's in the word Google start to devour all the search results if they are not clicked right away. But you can also fight back. Currently, Googling "askew" or "tilt" will knock the search-results page slightly off-kilter and "do a barrel roll" will make the results page The Zerg, the most well-known playable race in the game, has the ability to rapidly produce small and cheap offensive units called zerglings in a short period of time, allowing the player to overwhelm his opponents forces very early in the game.

Zerg Rush easter egg shows Google's playful side

In the Google search, the "O's" from the Google logo turn into "attackers" which multiply and begin banging themselves against text on the page. In the hugely successful real-time strategy game Star Craft, it's a common tactic used by the alien race known as the Zergs.

Zerg rush is a term used in several real-time strategy games RTS to describe an overpowering attack by a player against his opponent, usually early in the game.

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Google, which famously encourages employees to take on sometimes-silly side projects in the course of their work weeks, has long been known for implementing winks and nods into their products.

After they take out your results, the O's band together to spell out "GG" -- gaming slang for "good game. In the popular real-time strategy genre of video games, the term "rush" is applied to any tactic in which you aim several of your battle units at your enemy at once, immediately overpowering them through sheer weight of numbers.

It is now used to describe any situation in a game where a small group of stronger units or players is overwhelmed by weaker ones through sheer numbers. But in recent months, more and more have been discovered. Since then, the use has expanded.

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Have no fear, the coders at Google have the perfect remedy. In some multi-player games, "zerging" has come to refer to a gamer who, often against the game's rules, creates multiple accounts to get an unfair advantage over other players.

As you'll immediately notice, little Os are now running around the screen attacking and destroying every search result — you even see the life bars depleting in true RTS style. Meanwhile, a search for "chuck norris google" renders this entry in the litany of one-liners about the action star: It's hard to know when these "eggs" get planted at Google headquarters.

Encyclopedia Dramatica also showed other situations that portrayed the term. This term was popularized by "StarCraft".