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I worked hard to pay for my college classes. Fair price and did it while I waited.

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Their prices are competitive with other suppliers with no shipping time and you can support a local company. You have not contacted this business yet Send message Reviews About Us I know you, the reader, is real busy so I won't post a lengthy document but rather simply explain the nature of my endeavors with the expectation that it might stimulate hearing from others similarly focused.

Thanks for taking your time to get to know us now call us and get HookedUp! In the store there is the unmistakable scent of Hipster Douche.

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Fair Honest and Friendly! Todd Avery 1 out of 5 Rating 1 I had numerous problems with this company from discounts, losing shipments, poor product quality and very slow and not accurate LCD recycling practices. At times the grind seemed overwhelming; classes, study, job, meanwhile taking on more and more student loans.

Jared Giese 5 out of 5 Rating 5 Great service. Scott Miller 4 out of 5 Rating 4 Repaired my daughters iPhone 4 screen and back cover. I would not recommend using this company for anything, just check their BBB reviews and complaints.

The employees do their job by getting my items and accepting payment, but would a smile or "Thanks for shopping" be too much?

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Maybe I just catch them right before naptime or something. HookUp Cellular is now a nationally recognized repair and parts shop. I found the problem, fixed it, and the light went on: They said it would take 2 hours, but it only took one.

Daniel Berend 4 out of 5 Rating 4 I've purchased some parts on about half a dozen occasions.

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We're growing fast and expanding our footprint. My only problem is the employees seem unfriendly. When my iPhone broke for the third time I decided to take it apart myself. Rather than continue acquiring more student loan debt I got together with my brother and several close friends and launched HookUpCellular.

Will definitely go back there again if I need a screen repair although I hope my screen doesn't break again!

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I had also lost my headphones and they gave me a free pair. We opened a store located in Phoenix,AZ in and expanded our online presence to include stores on eBay and Amazon along with our website.

I was studying business but I really liked my iPhone and had always been fascinated with technology.