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It was one of the reasons he wanted to talk to her.

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Youngji had every youngji and jackson wang dating to want to know but there was something inside of him that wanted to withhold that information. It's not going to be easy for him to let me go," Youngji said.

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Jackson and Youngji both froze in horror. He didn't even want to think about Youngji and Hongbin together, let alone the fact that they were actually still together.

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I've dated four girls in my life and I've slept with more than I've dated. He should have known that Tao would be tracking him ever since he'd left Amber's the other day.

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She was like an-" "Angel. He also didn't want to make a big deal out of the fact that they were dating now.

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He didn't want to talk about it out of fear of what she might thing of him if she knew. I'm not a virgin.

In the whole gang business, Tao and Youngji were the only ones Jackson could be sure he could trust fully. It was against the treaty for him to even be around her. He wasn't sure if it was the shock of Youngji being experienced in all things intimate or jealousy that Hongbin had shared those intimate moments with her.

I like you too much to stay away from you," Youngji smiled. Youngji smirked, tilting her head to the side. It was one of the things he really liked about her.

Jackson knew what would happen if word got out that they'd decided to take their relationship to another level. You were so delusional when we first met," Youngji smiled. Report Story Jackson knew Youngji wasn't a picky girl. Just because he had a job now, didn't mean he was going to go all out just for a casual lunch date.

Minyoung only ever liked going to fancy restaurants no matter what time of the day it was. Jackson looked around and shook his head.

She would like dressing up for things like that. That was why Jackson didn't feel bad about taking her to a diner where reasonably priced food was sold.

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I think it's fair for me to know more about how much experience you have with girls," Youngji reasoned. It was the look in her eyes that made his resolve crack. He hadn't been careful enough but in a way he was glad it had been Tao to find them instead of anyone else.

At least he hoped that years of friendship starting from childhood beat out whatever gang allegiance Tao had now. The girl Jackson thought he'd marry someday. I never really counted," Jackson said, hanging his head. Even though I've only ever been with Hongbin, I'm pretty sure I can keep up with you," Youngji smirked.

Everything was brighter with her, more fun, more beautiful. She seemed to be up for anything that was thrown her way. When do you plan on breaking things off with Hongbin?


He was under the protection and servitude of Amber and her gang. I know we will. Their fights were never serious but Jackson would rather fight with her than not be able to talk to her at all. I don't want to talk about her.

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They're way less clingy," a third voice entered the conversation. It was Jackson's fault, really. Jackson knew she was right. Minyoung saved me the trouble.