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Regarding aspect ratios - I presume the monitor displays a full screen image but any idea if it displays the correct ratio i. Something caught my eye though. Any lag or anything using the Wii remote?

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Neutri sostantivati latino dating understandable that they left it out to keep costs low.

Aside from that EHDT works perfectly fine with nearly all games and it does look quite nice.

XCM p Mega-Cool VGA Box - PlayStation Xbox Wii PSP GameCube

So to keep the price down, they didnt include the VGA cable. So you can use video signal from your console or connect to your PC's video card to output to your monitor. So you should check your monitor to see if it supports the resolution you are going to be used. Thus they work on your machine and they might work with a USA Wii system but I don't know what kind of signal it outputs normally, if that is p then no problem however not with the VGA box itself.

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The connectors are standard quality and nothing special. The outer casing is made of opaque clear plastic. Your VGA monitor is there to interpret the signals so depending on your screen it will look different meaning in my case that my screen starts stretching the signal to fit the screen.

This connector uses the two screws similar to that when you're connecting your monitor to your video card on your PC. Well, though the resolution is better naturally as the V-box only supports normal screens and not EHDTV however see below I'm slightly confused by the following: Or does it stretch the picture, put borders on the top and bottom or keep the correct aspect but cut the left and right hand side of the image off?

If your console changes it's resolution then that resolution will be output to the screen. You will not be disappointed. No pics of the device in action?! Well, if you want some I can take a few.

XCM 1080p Mega-Cool VGA Box

On the back, it has YPbPr inputs. You can see it in the image below but on the mock up images, you dont see it. Just remember that the Wii can not upscale images as it is not capable of doing so. If you have an extra VGA cable around the house, you wont have to worry.

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Connecting everything to the VGA box is fairly simple and is explained easily in the instruction manual. Had XCM included the cable, price of the product would of been higher.

This was probably due to cost factor.

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How's it compare to the V-Box for Wii usage? To fix this problem, simply remove the shield around it so that you can connect the cable.

All images looked crisp and I didnt have a problem with any of the consoles. But be warned, my screen stretches anything that is p so it looks aweful it is stretched only in the vertical directionp looks perfect though.

XCM 1080p Mega-Cool VGA Box - PlayStation Xbox Wii PSP GameCube

No lag other then that which I already had with some games with my normal TV. Aug 21, Darkforce said: It would of been great if they included the VGA cable as the box allows you to switch video signals.

So a few questions The VGA box itself is also sturdy and well built.

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Like all cables that XCM releases, they are sturdy and high quality cables. Before purchasing this product, you must know that the VGA box does not change the output resolution.

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