Workshops: Mars and Venus on a Date

Single or not married to your partner, but long for a lasting relationship?

The Mars and Venus on a Date Workshop for singles or unmarried couples will teach you how to navigate through the five stages of dating with the practical proven wisdom of Dr. John Gray.

With compassion and understanding, John Gray takes us through the five stages of dating:


The Mars and Venus on a Date tools are for all those single or unmarried couples who are looking for love and a lasting relationship.

Now you should…

With the Mars and Venus on a Date tools you will learn how to find your soul mate and discover valuable tips in order to create a loving and mutually fulfilling relationship!

With the Mars and Venus on a Date tools you will learn how to navigate the 5 stages of dating and explore some of the common pitfalls that happen when dating. Starting from the beginning, couples enter the world of attraction.  This is a time of getting acquainted, and exploring their initial chemistry. 

Once a person begins to explore the idea of becoming committed to the person they are dating, they naturally enter the second stage of dating, uncertainty.  Uncertainty can feel quite scary to some people but it’s really the stage where you consider committing to the person you’re dating. 

If your desire is to commit, then you naturally progress to the third stage of dating, exclusivity.  This is the stage where you’re building the foundation for your relationship.  Couples begin to learn about their true selves because they are finally able to relax and “know” they are committed.  

As a couple works through this stage they will ultimately begin to consider their deeper feelings of love.  As these feelings grow, the couple will naturally progress into the fourth stage of dating, intimacy.  This is a fun and enlightening stage and where you being to explore your physical relationship in greater depth.  Sex often happens at different times for different people, but during the fourth stage of dating is when the foundation for the relationship is generally solid enough to withstand the challenges that sex can bring. 

Finally, if you’re in love and ready for marriage you enter the fifth stage of dating, engagement.  Here you begin exploring all of the wonders that being engaged and entering a married relationship can bring.

The Mars Venus on a Date workshop will walk you through the 5 stages of dating and help you discover what happens when stages are skipped and how to invigorate your dating relationships.

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