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To find the chords, from his main site just click on Chord Charts. So, a hobby that I took on in order to get off of the computer and take a break from the Internet, ended up bringing me back to the Internet in search of guitar chords for songs that I really want to learn how to play.

My daughter was already taking piano lessons from a local older couple who give lessons, so I decided to take guitar lessons while waiting for my daughter to finish her piano lessons.

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The coolest part of e-chords is how you can customize the display of the song and the associated chords with a click of the mouse. These chord listings are nicely laid out with strum and rhythm information noted throughout in some spots.

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Share your own resources in the comments section below. I found that the chords seem correct, but the lyrics are completely messed up. Why as a last resort?

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Major kudos to Rob Hampton of Seattle for creating this impressive and useful online resource. Many self-taught guitar players like tabs because it shows which string and which fret to play for each strum. Chordie is actually a huge community of guitar players who love music so much that they spend time trying to figure out the chords to music, and then list their findings on Chordie.

Recently, I decided that I needed a way to relax and get rid of stress — something that is somehow unconnected with the computer.

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Of course, I was immediately hooked. Some sentences are completely wrong, and others are just plain silly. I love how functional the site is.

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Are you learning to play guitar, or are you an old pro on the strings? Now, while the chord listings are really fun to go through and play, I have to say that my favorite part of this website are the guitar lessons that Rob has written up and that he offers for absolutely free on his blog.

This is only representative of about a third of Chordie chord listings from members — most of them are pretty accurate.

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Stay informed by joining our newsletter! However, once I was able to play the one song, I wondered how many others I could learn that use just those three or four chords.

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Within three lessons, I found myself playing a John Denver song using just three chords. At Chordie, you can search for either song or artist listings that are organized in a long alphabetical collection. Do you have your own personal favorite online resources for finding accurate guitar chords for your favorite songs?