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Suppose that I attempt to create a fictional story about my past in which I would be the dating programs installed heir to the British throne. Assuming that he is incapable of grasping his own guilt, does he deserve any less punishment than a similar person who understands his guilt?

Healy seems to be somewhat optimistic about futuristic human-robot life forms.

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Go ahead, check it out! There is no single theory behind the film. We should not, Solomon argues, see ourselves as victims of various forces. For as fascinating as some of the ideas and beautiful the style were, a lot of it gets pretty tiring and borderline obnoxious with both of those very things.

It consists of brief separate conversations between himself and random figures who shoot philosophical thoughts at him, ranging from abstract existentialism to more accessible life-choice analyses. As mentioned above, you need to experience it.

Rather the film is an exploration from many points of view of past and current trends in philosophy. This gives people excuses for their behavior. Or, as he says, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

The ride, he states, does not require an explanation, only occupants.

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When I suspect that I'm still dreaming, after seeming to awaken in my bed, I head for the bathroom and try to turn on the light, which never works and usually wakes me up instantly for real.

Is the conveying of abstract notions as rewarding as she contend? True genius, he argues, is rarely achieved, largely because of human laziness. That feeling might be transient, but, she thinks, it is what we live for.

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Do we really need notions of freedom to give us a sense of responsibility? So I identified more with Wiggins' feeling… 8 I can basically sum this up as "not my cup of tea". Classic philosophers believed that God set things up in advance.

The big bang set up the initial conditions, and our human lives are just the playing out of the subatomic particles. Linklater relates a theory by Philip K.

Waking Life by: Richard Linklater.

He argues that we are being conditioned on a mass scale to give up our freedoms, which society does by making us feel pathetic and small.

More contemporary philosophers maintain that humans are just a system of molecules. The fact that we can create words that refer to tangible things, such as a tree, is not really remarkable. The young woman thinks that her waking life might be the memories of an old woman in the last moments of her life.

The young man suggests that recent studies of the brain activity of sleeping or dying people show that a lifetime of experiences can could be condensed into a few actual minutes of activity.

Richard Linklater 2 What the film is about: Is there a gun control message here Linklater states that he was intentionally ambiguous on the issue?

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The more that a film is bound to a narrative storyline rather than recording the spontaneous expression of the actors the less it is a record of God. He feels this way in particular since his particular message is destruction and chaos. Is there some grounds for his optimism?

Lawrence calls such engagement the confrontation between souls.


If I watch anymore Linkater films today, I think my head will explode. Nothing more can be said. Do these theories have any merit beyond their initial shock value? Hume was troubled by this problem and felt that our minds in fact construct a more lasting notion of the self. Does determinism necessarily undermine human dignity as Sosa suggests?

Some people claim that they can strip away all the extraneous layers and experience the pure holy moment itself.