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Hyuk is the last member to talk of on this plastic surgery issue. It is also presumed that he has done double eyelid which much the eyes much bigger than before. As usual all his pictures came into play on this analysis.

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He was born on February 15, He is part of the vocal team of the group since he made his debut in Apart from music, he is also active in acting with some dramas like Boarding House. Analyzing his pictures, there are signs that Leo has undergone the knife.

Vixx n thich seohyun dating the eyes, it appears that the corners have been cut making it a little bigger than before. He studied Music at the Dong-ah Broadcasting College.

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Leo is the first member to assess for plastic surgery. He was born on April 6, in Jayang-dong, Seoul. In Korea, plastic surgery is definitely a normal thing to do. He is the maknae of the group and made an acting debut in with the film Chasing.

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His recent and old pictures where considered in this analysis which at the end shows no signs. He acordor chitarra acoustica online dating to be interested in soccer, taekwondo and boxing before venturing into music.

Hyuk was born on July 5, in Daejeon, South Korea. He is a rapper, songwriter and a producers but his main position in VIXX is a rapper. With comparison with old and new pictures, it seems his nose has become smaller than before. The corners of the eyelid is also a bit extended.

The next member to talk of is N. With his current flawless look, there is no way he can be said to have not undergone the knife.


He has contributed to the writing of several songs of the group including Super Hero their debut single. Not only celebrities, but normal people do it as well. Leo was born on November 10, in Seoul, South Korea.

With is pre-debut pictures, it was found that he had a big nose but now it has been worked on. For now, he can be said is natural. He is been rumored to have some nose job and double eyelid surgery.

Apart from singing, he is also an actor and songwriter and musical director. The nose currently looks smaller and pointier than before. He was born on September 29, in Jayang-dong, Seoul.

He is a graduate from the Howon University where he studied Music composition. He can be said as natural and free from all forms of surgery. N was born on June 30, in Changwon, South Korea. Also he has done double eyelid surgery as well and worked on the jaws.

He also won several songwriting competitions prior to his debut. Hongbin has been accused by netizens for having some form of plastic surgery. He is a member of the vocal team and participated in lots of competition before joining VIXX.

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N has been a very active member of the VIXX group. Checking on the nose and others there seems to be a sense of plastic surgery. However, it was found that he has done no plastic surgery. The tip of the nose looks much pointier than previously with his nose bridges also slightly closed.

Ravi is the fourth member to check on surgeries.

Who Had Plastic Surgery in VIXX? | MIJ Miner8

Before joining VIXX and making his debut he had already contested in Kwanghwamum Love Song competition and also some dance competitions. Aside music, he is also active in acting and has starred in dramas like Glorious Days and Moorim School.

With our basic analysis, there are no traces of plastic surgery on him. He is also a songwriter, presenter and actor who has played roles in various dramas.