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In the present day, more women suffer from vigorexia, because it is considered fashion to look good. This produces a physical exercise addiction, including an excessive ingestion of proteins and carbohydrates.

However, when all they think about is being fitness it may become an obsession for them. Besides, this habits increase testosterone, which causes a lot of unpleasant secondary effects.

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Vigorexia is a disorder that affects the image we have about ourselves. Changing in a drastic way the usual diet for stricter one is even more harmful for health, in the same way as consuming anabolic steroids.

This app describes the signals rahasia wanita dewasa dating must be attentive to know if you are developing an eating behavior disorder, such as anorexia or bulimia.

Truly, is important to take care of oneself but having limits.

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Includes a comprehensive description of the different treatments that can be followed and explained what the pharmacological treatment, and operation and characteristics of assistive devices that can go, such as admission to a specialized hospital unit and vigorexia consecuencias yahoo dating day care center.

In addition, he devotes a nanocurso to vigorexia, which explains the different characteristics that define and information on prevalence rates of this problem is presented, as well as risk factors that can lead to development. It is also probable that this is related to being social accepted and being attractive to others.

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This application highlights the important role of families in both prevention and treatment in these problems. For example, a set of guidelines and recommendations that families can take to prevent the onset of these disorders are listed and, if there is already an affected family, the mechanisms are explained through which the family can have a positive influence on their recovery.

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Vigorexia treatment consists in receiving long term psychological therapy. This app explains precisely what these problems and their main characteristics, their causes and physical, psychological and social consequences are discussed.

This app not forget other eating disorders as less known no less important, such as pica, rumination disorder, avoidance of food intake disorder, binge eating and eating disorder not otherwise specifiedof which a detailed description of each is made.

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In addition, management of family associations and other resources of interest is included. People who suffer from this disease are obsessed about their imperfections and distort their self-perception.

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In this case, also it indicates what to do and where to go. Having a big concern about looking good and feeling healthy is not a bad thing. It is good to worry about appearance but not to become obsessed with it, because instead of becoming a positive thing it would bring other issues, mostly psychological ones, which could create secondary problems.

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The real bad thing is that you live only being focus on that so you can be socially approved, because, paradoxically, you can get the opposite. People that suffer from vigorexia tend to consider themselves as a thin or super skinny person.

It is recommendable to maintain a balance. Any person feels right about going out with a person obsessed about the amount of calories consumed. This app presents information about anorexia and bulimia nervosa, in a clear and rigorous, offered by specialists in this health problem.

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Family and friends support is very fundamental as well to get over this. Some of the consequences of this disorder are: They could affect heart among other secondary effects.

They never feel well-built or chunky enough. Regularly, those who suffer from this disorder are young male people, although it could affect female as well.

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An appropriate feeding and daily exercise routines have become a current tendency. Se dedica un nanocurso a la importancia que tiene la imagen corporal en el desarrollo personal del individuo. The most important thing to look good is to feel healthy.

Inclusive, human relationships, with friends, relatives or love partners could be affected. It is a way of succeeding but everything has its limits.