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The Sun The threat was as equal in urban dictionary predating columbus areas as rural ones, where creatures thrive in woods and long grass.

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Times, Sunday Times Consumers in rural Wales are more likely to own a mobile phone than those in urban areas. Word origin of 'urban' Example sentences containing 'urban' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.

Times, Sunday Times The movement from agricultural areas to urban ones has had as a logical corollary the growth of the urban population. Sociology It is a ridiculous urban myth with an alarming number of followers.

Sociology Detroit remains the embodiment of the American urban tragedy writ large.

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Sociology In the early s the policies evolved into the more fashionable growth centres programme which lead to the selective encouragement of urban centres. Times, Sunday Times Another urban myth is that he would always stand in the shady part of the pitch.

The Times Literary Supplement There are now more urban than rural foxes. Computing In urban areas especiallywe can be surrounded by noise and activity but speak to no one. Read moreā€¦ DfID is funding training to bring people from farms to urban areas and prepare them for factory conditions.

Times, Sunday Times What a perk of modern urban life that is.

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Times, Sunday Times This is familiar to most Catholicscertainly in predominantly urban areas. Sociology What controls can be exerted over undesirable urban uses of rural sites?

Redwood, John The Global Marketplace The rich move away from urban centres as affluence increases. The Sun Potential building plots are harder to spot in urban areas. Times, Sunday Times Nor is the rural and suburban landscape as perfectly manicured as some urban dwellers think.

Times, Sunday Times It is also an offence to move an urban fox to a rural area. Times, Sunday Times Britain must put the bicycle at the centre of urban planning.

Example sentences containing 'urban'

Cloke, Paul J ed Rural Land-Use Planning in Developed Nations This surplus made it possible to sustain urban populations that were not primarily engaged in farming. The Sun Or it can be used to compare different areas, such as the difference in fire statistics between urban and rural areas.

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Times, Sunday Times The site itself will reopen to the public as an urban park this summer. Times, Sunday Times Urban myths and solid anecdotes always go round about misbehaviour in theatres.

Times, Sunday Times The figures come as evidence emerged of rising gun crime in other urban areas. Redwood, John The Global Marketplace A textbook on cities and urban life by a principal urban sociologist.

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Times, Sunday Times Wild animals are also spreading the menace to parks and urban spaces. The Sun Which means that the lightning appeared far away from its parent thunderstorm - and showed that a bolt from the blue is no urban myth. Times, Sunday Times Large urban areas have always spawned criminal gangs of various sorts.

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The Sun Many young urban dwellers choose not to own a car. Times, Sunday Times In urban areas, the loss is owing to gardens that are too neatan excess of buildings and perilous roads.

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Times, Sunday Times It has meant we have had an urban and a rural life. Times, Sunday Times Similarly, urban dwellers often seek a small haven of the countryside in the town itself.

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A History of Italian Football Is there a creature more sinister than the urban fox?