Amazing Coincidences, Real and Unbelievably Weird! 7 True Stories Amazing Coincidences, Real and Unbelievably Weird! 7 True Stories

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The Sun One source said: They happily pulled over, helped the strangers change their tire, and got them back on the road. Times, Sunday Times The fact they put it as suicide is an unbelievable story. He had just made a line drive when his chest started hurting. Penny was eating at a restaurant he worked at when she started choking on her food.

Times, Sunday Times Hazard said: Not everyone believes that there is some supernatural force making sure the good are rewarded—but when we see somebody selflessly give themselves up to help others, we feel like there ought to be.


Hansol and b joo dating advice, now in his seventies, has saved the lives of more than two million babies.

An employee at the golf club rushed over and used a defibrillatorwhile others called the paramedics to rush Bob to the hospital.

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Josef got caught by the Germans and was put to work in a chain gang. Again, though, he was saved by the Hardagas. Translations for 'unbelievable' British English: She needed a liver transplantbut there werepeople on the transplant list before her.

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Seven years later inKevin got to pay her back. Times, Sunday Times He gets in some unbelievable areas, good scoring positions.

Example sentences containing 'unbelievable' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Unless she found a unbelievably real definition of dating, she would only have two more months to live.

Shannon, unbelievably real definition of dating, had spent sleepless nights working to keep him healthy. They asked Harrison to donate plasma regularly and let them run tests, and he agreed.

The Sun This is a moment of unbelievable seriousness. The Sun There was unbelievable pressure on the them. She gave Victor CPR while her friend called The pressure we were under was unbelievable.

As soon as the genocide began, the organization pulled strings to get the Hardagas into Israel. The Sun It is unbelievable, you think he must really look after himself.

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The Sun He's been through so much, been such an unbelievable player and still follows the club. The Sun It was just unbelievable that she thought that she could get away with it.

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And so he butted in to offer to get himself tested to see if he was a match. Harrison resolved that, as soon as he was old enough, he would donate blood as often as he could.

The Sun It is unbelievable when you think of the great names who played for this club. A Muslim friend, Mustafa Hardaga, invited the Kavilios to hide out in his home and then helped them escape the country.

Read more… It is all a bit unbelievable at the moment. The Sun It was unbelievable, absolutely incredible. Donating blood, it turned out, was the only reason he lived. He donated a pint of blood every chance he got and rewarded himself for his good deed by using the money to buy tickets to an NFL game.

They needed to get out. She rushed over and gave him CPR. The women thanked the Giesbrechts and went on their way.

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It had antibodies that were basically the cure for rhesus diseasea blood disorder that can cause babies to be born with crippling brain damage or even die. The surgeons had to remove one of his lungs, allowing 2 liters 0.

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It soon turned into a genocide in which 8, Muslims were massacred. Times, Sunday Times It was such an unbelievable moment trying to process what had just happened and that your life has instantly changed.

Christianity Today Spain are technically unbelievable but there still has to be an end product. When his own daughter, Tracey, became pregnant, she was diagnosed as being at risk for rhesus disease.

Over 50 years later, the Hardagas were still in Sarajevo when the Bosnian War began. Because he donated blood when he was 18, James Harrison was able to become a grandfather.

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He went through with it, donating his first pint of blood on his 18th birthday. The Giesbrechts, on the other hand, were experienced motorists. Times, Sunday Times It is unbelievable that it still happens.

Times, Sunday Times To run a personal best in the Olympic final is unbelievable.


They were Jews, and the Nazis were approaching. It took a major chest operation to save his life. The women pulled over to see what was wrong and immediately saw Ann Giesbrecht running out, screaming that her husband was having a heart attack.

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The story, though, went viral, and Harris got a lot more than he could have expected. Times, Sunday Times She acknowledges that parts of her story may sound unbelievable.

Inafter more than 20 years of regularly donating blood, Becker found out that he had hemochromatosisa disorder that creates a toxic buildup of iron in the organs, usually treated with bloodletting.

It might not happen every time, but sometimes, the good people do get rewarded for their deeds.

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The Sun Being in a film with him was just unbelievable to me. Share Shares We all want karma to be real. Times, Sunday Times To end up having six was just unbelievable.