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They are the following:. Have you checked to see if you have the factory wiring?

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How do you convert a 4-prong V outlet on a generator to a 3-wire air compressor hookup? Below is a link to a useful article discussing trailer wiring on that model, which gives you the location to check and other information. The reason to use a higher voltage is that it is more economical: The cylinder's order is [5] [6] How do you hookup an aftermarket stereo in a SX when it's already had one in it but you don't know what wires you need to connect to your stereo?

An appliance that is designed to be connected to strictly volts 60 Hz is connected with only a two wire cable plus a safety ground wire.

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Different voltage levels are used in different countries around the world. Well it depends are you looking to hook up with a girl or boy?

The split-phase type of service, as is commonly used for 60Hz systems, is not used for 50Hz systems because all appliances, lamps, socket outlets, etc. To provide volts to the buildings, pole transformers are used having step-down ratios going from to-1 up to to You could do as the last guy suggested, which would be a good idea Can you explain about the use of the neutral wire in volt hookups?

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Then the neutral wire returns the current to the power station to complete the circuit. Most big appliances such as air conditioners, dryers, ul style 3137 hookup wire kitchen ranges, etc. For more information on that topic please read the hook up game console to computer to the Related Question which is shown below as: Hookup wire is usually single-core or multistrand used for low voltage or low current applications usually within electrical component's.

Do not confuse a Neutral with a Safety Ground or Earth connection.

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The manual can be purchased at thebook store or checked out from the library. In countries running 50Hz services the electricity utility powerlines going to residential streets and roads are typically operated at many thousands of volts. To get that volts they must use the neutral wire which comes from the center tap of the pole transformer.

So a neutral wire is always needed as the return path back to the power station for any V 50Hz single-phase circuit in which only one live wire feeds alternating current into the connected load.

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The center point tap between the two "legs" - known as the "neutral" connection - is also a convenient point to make the safety grounding connection for the transformer. I just want to let you in on a little secret you know that rule "Once your in the friend zone there's no comin' back?

The four wire configuration has two V legs and a neutral and then a common ground.

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However all lamps and appliances are rated for the maximum operating voltage usually volts and voltsthus there is much confusion about the actual level of the supply voltages. How to hookup Trailer wiring for Ford Explorer?

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Like you, I have a 98 explorer myself. In countries running 60Hz services the electricity utility powerlines going to residential streets and roads are operated at nominal voltages going from up to 7, and even 14, volts relative to ground.

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One of the two hot wires feeds a volt alternating voltage from the power station to the volt load - the clock or programmer - and, because the voltage is alternating, that load draws an alternating current.

If you have a V hookup with a red black and white wire can you drive a copper rod into the ground and hook up the green wire to that? For example volt 60 Hz base board heaters use that. A Haynes repair manual for the 91 Mazda features a wiringdiagram for the stereo hookup.

However many of these appliances also need a volt feed for such things as lamps, time-clocks, program control circuits, etc. The V appliance you are hooking up doesnt use the neutral white wire What is the correct sequence to hookup plug wires on a 34L V-6 engine?

On the other hand, the reason why lower voltages are still used in homes and offices for supplying small appliances, lighting, etc.


However, all that was just a necessary preamble to the actual answer to this question! Before you do any work yourself, on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances, always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.

You could, but if you're going to do that then why not ground the entire service entrance panel? Pole or street-level sub-station transformers are used which have the necessary step-down ratio to provide volts to the buildings.

Here comes the answer: The "live" wire comes from one end of the transformer's secondary winding and the "neutral" wire comes from the other end, which is also a convenient point to make the safety grounding connection for the transformer.

You start talking and then you become friends then you start to tell each other everything then you end up going out! The actual measured voltage in your house branch circuits to which its volt receptacle outlets and lamps are connected will normally be around volts.

You can go off of the length of the wires.

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The wires only reach so far and non of them should be over stretched or dangling. You can get an adapter plug for most Ford and GM trucks that just plugs in to the tail light wiring. I know from experience that's how you get a girl or guy. UL is a industry standard, like ISO so you are not using something pressed together in someones basement.