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It can now be done entirely solo with no outside help.

Toxin cured hog

If you climb to the highest point on the tree and turn around, you can jump and instantly open your gliding wings. At the top of the tree, aim towards the black spot on the stone marked Directions: On the corner of the rock is a black "spot".

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It will go up and take you to a chasm where you need to glide across. Spawns champions and adds. Using it immediately after the fifth damage pulse, and then every time it's off cooldown, will succeed. Run from Southwatch Waypoint, it is in the SW corner of the map.

Hop on the bouncing mushrooms to get up a ledge with a big tree stomp in the middle. There is a hero point near the end of the beetle feast challenge which can be cheesed by using the adventure or snsd sunny and sungmin dating you have a decently large group you can clear the mushrooms to open the path the right way.

GW2 Auric Basin Toxin Cured Hog Hero Point with No Mastery

Once your map has down this, you can drop down the hole in the middle of Tarir and go through the rooms filled with Exalted chests. If it is not, all classes can solo this by communing with the orb. October 27 Update 2 no longer require any mastery at all or need adrenal mushrooms or alacrity to survive it.

You can either use the mushroom or jump up the ledge. Exalted Lore and Mushroom Jumping or have someone teleport you in and stealth you.

Toxin-Cured Hog - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

You will need to run through a tunnel guarded by some golems and smokescales before entering a cave where the hero challenge resides. You need to use bouncing mushrooms to get up to a safe spot and range him from up top. Once inside, move to the second door in front of you to face the boss.

Mesmers can port through both. Just jump off and fly towards it. Keep your distance and be sure to break his breakbar so that you can deal extra damage. To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Guild Wars 2 Game Page.

Ten Ton Hammer | Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns - Auric Basin Hero

The hero point of interest is the champ Inquisitor 8, an angry frog that should be killed by a group of 2 or 3. Route You'll start at the Order of Whispers Waypoint and have two skill points to grab 1 and 2. When you reach the clearing, jump on the mushroom and just continue to follow the path into the cave.

The challenge is considered successful if the player can survive for 60 seconds without reaching 0 health.

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Once on top, just run forwards and jump off the cliff edge, landing on the vine which you can then work your way across towards the Golem follow the path.

Go up as high on the tree stomp as you can and then glide to a nearby branch. From the Northwatch Waypoint head directly south and interact with the node. Longbow rangers have sent themselves flying before so summon your inner hero and melee it for great justice, people should do the trick.

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It is possible to complete this challenge using Keep It Down alone. Despite the fact that it is only a veteran, the encounter is pretty rough solo so bring a friend. From Westwatch Waypoint follow the path south.

Soloable, all you need to do is use the heal provided by the bacon at the right time.

GW2 Auric Basin Toxin Cured Hog Hero Point with No Mastery

If he is up, then you will either need stealth or a group of players with Bouncing Mushroom mastery. You will encounter a vine wall that cannot be passed unless you have Exalted Markings mastery.

Four hero points are soloable: Run from the Northwatch waypoint, no gliding required. The key to success is self-healing through Keep It Down see skills, below. After completion The toxic cloud preserved the meat on this hog.

When you reach a point in the road where 3 Mushroom's are on your left hand side, use them to climb up the wall. If you have Nuhoch Wallows, take the one just south of Tarnished Treetop.

Text[ edit ] Before completion The toxic cloud preserved the meat on this hog.

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Go up as high as you can on that branch and then glide to the area with the hero point challenge cave. You will pass through a tunnel and exit to an area with bunch of bouncing mushrooms and Bristlebacks.

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He deals huge damage and will also set the floor on fire. Be aware the Champion enemy within can kill in one hit and his tail projectile hurts! Quickly grab the waypoint before engaging the modrem champ 4. Some people would be done by now with their hero points, but there are 3 more hero points that you can grab just to make sure.

This hero point is 9. It saves you fighting.

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The roll will almost certainly kill you and the tail smash also does huge damage. Self-healing skills that players can use to keep themselves healed up during the challenge include: