Theodor Storm (Author of Der Schimmelreiter) Theodor Storm (Author of Der Schimmelreiter)

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He himself was twice that age.

Ever since the second day of his visit he had been wont of an evening to take a walk along the shore of the lake. One evening Reinhard was returning from his walk along this road when he was overtaken by the rain. Wet through as he was he resigned himself to his fate and slowly continued his homeward way.

Here Eric opened a door and they passed into a spacious room that opened into a garden. The stork had meanwhile come to earth and was striding solemnly between the vegetable beds. By my mother's hard decree Another's wife I needs must be; Him on whom my heart was set, Him, alas!

He took her slender hand caressingly in his. At the end of the latter, on a projecting mound, there was a bench under some tall birch trees. He could not understand it; he was almost angry with Elisabeth, and yet he doubted whether it had really been she.

The road led along close under the garden. He swam slowly out, lifting every now and then his arms out of the water so that the drops trickled down and sparkled in the moonlight. It almost seemed as if he had now reached the end of his journey, for he stood motionless, looking out over the tops of the trees at his feet, and gazing at the farther shore, where the reflection of the manor-house floated, rocking gently, on the bosom of the water.

The shroud in which she was wrapped after her death was believed to have been woven of the very finest thread, which during her ascent to Heaven frayed away from her body.

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A stone's throw from the land he perceived a white water-lily. Reinhard broke the seal and read, and ere long he came to this paragraph: Her mother followed her with a look. As he drew near to the Evening Bench he fancied he could make out the figure of a woman dressed in white standing among the gleaming birch tree trunks.

And when from the shore he looked back upon the lake, there floated the lily on the bosom of the darkling water as far away and as lonely as before. The man made a sign to her with his cane.

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It was all well appointed; the people who were working on the land or at the vats all had a healthy and contented look. They entered a high, cool vestibule, at the far end of which they turned who is bridget mendler dating 2018 the left into a somewhat darker passage.

It is such a long time since we have seen each other. After the advent of Christianity they were connected with the Virgin Mary.

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On the left side of the road the vineyards came to an end, and gave place to an extensive kitchen-garden, which reached almost as far as the lake-shore.

For my pride what can I show, And my joy, save grief and woe? It had now grown darker; a crimson evening glow lay like foam over the woods in the farther side of the lake. He appeared to be returning home from a walk,for his buckle-shoes, which followed a fashion long since out of date,were covered with dust.

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Elisabeth was at all times gentle and kind. My late father had the farm buildings rebuilt; the dwelling-house was built as far back as my grandfather's time. To my mind she is still far too young. He went up to his room and soon returned with a roll of papers which seemed to consist of detached neatly written pages.

At last he halted before a high, gabled house, cast one more glanceout toward the town, and then passed into the hall. We are at the beginning of a new era which will, it is to be hoped, be marked by a general rapprochement between the nations.

Moths whirred past the open doors through which the fragrance of flower and bush floated in increasingly; up from the water came the croak of the frogs, under the windows a nightingale commenced his song answered by another from within the depths of the garden; the moon appeared over the tree-tops.

A tall man wearing a brown overcoat advanced to meet the traveller. Men with faces scorched by the sun and heated with toil were walking over the open space and gave a greeting to the two friends, while Eric called out to one or another of them some order or question about their day's work.

Then he suddenly started on his way again. Nearly two years later Reinhard was sitting by lamplight with his books and papers around him, expecting a friend with whom he used to study in common.

She stood motionless, and, as far as he could make out on approaching nearer, with her face turned in his direction, as if she was expecting some one. So they all sat down to the table, Elisabeth beside Reinhard.

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All those who wish to make acquaintance with the speech of their neighbours, or who have allowed their former knowledge to grow rusty, will welcome this edition, which will enable them, independently of bulky dictionaries, to devote to language study the moments of leisure which offer themselves in the course of the day.

He has been so long away abroad, we will try to make him feel at home again. Storm, poet and short-story writerwas born inSchleswig. I must forget; My heart protesting, but not free. While he sat thus, it was growing gradually darker; andbefore long a moonbeam came streaming through the window-panes and uponthe pictures on the wall; and as the bright band of light passed slowlyonward the old man followed it involuntarily with his eyes.

At home, too, things have changed very much, and all this will, I fear, cause you much pain at first, if my understanding of you is at all correct.

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Reinhard had never written to Elisabeth since his visit home, and he had received no letter from her. By this time they had reached the house.

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The man made a sign to her with hiscane. Bitterly did I complain That my mother brought me pain. The mother meanwhile sat busy with her needlework, while Eric listened attentively, with one hand clasped in the other.

Up from the lake-shore came through the evening calm the tinkle of the cattle bells; they were all listening without knowing why, and presently they heard a boy's clear voice singing: At last he halted before a high, gabled house, cast one more glance out toward the town, and then passed into the hall.

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A stork flew up from the chimney, and circled slowly above the waters. He appeared to be almost a stranger, for of the passers-by only a few greeted him, although many a one involuntarily was compelled to gaze into those grave eyes.

He thought it was Elisabeth. He was, however, shy of questioning her about it--nay, he even avoided going into the garden- room on his return to the house for fear he should happen to see Elisabeth enter through the garden-door.

Round her neck she wore a red silk kerchief which was very becoming to her brown eyes. All those who wish to make acquaintance with the speech of theirneighbours, or who have allowed their former knowledge to grow rusty,will welcome this edition, which will enable them, independently ofbulky dictionaries, to devote to language study the moments of leisurewhich offer themselves in the course of the day.

Next day Reinhard had to go out with him to see the fields, the vineyards, the hop-garden, the distillery.