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Dec 3, We broke the news of this costume made suit back in September. Jul 11, Svetlana Khodchenkova is a chemist, an alchemist, and a capitalist in this Japanese-set adventure starring Hugh Jackman as former X-Men Logan.

Days of Future Past.

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Dec 6, This powerful mutant journeys to Japan where he learns more about his origins. Jul 10, The self-made street fighter turned bodyguard protects Logan with her year old sword The Separator, in theaters soon. Plus, we have a behind-the-scenes featurette for X-Men: Jul 22, An old friend from Logan's past promises the mutant a normal life in this latest look at the X-Men spin-off, in theaters soon.

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Jul 25, Hugh Jackman returns as Logan, who journeys to Japan to find more clues about his mutant origins in this Marvel sequel. Jul 11, Logan turns Japanese sympathizer as he saves a man from an atomic blast in this latest look at director James Mangold's Mutant adventure.

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Jul 26, Or will the huge family hit Despicable Me 2 return to its place at the top of the box office this weekend? Jul 23, Watch as Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold discuss the adamantium infused superhero, while unveiling a brand new clip from the film.

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Jul 18, Logan faces the challenge of being mortal in this latest look at the Marvel adventure, slicing its way into theaters soon.

Plus, Simon Kinberg signs on with Fox to develop a Marvel-style superhero universe.

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The script must meet his high expectations for his return. Oct 1, Digital modeler Adam Ross reveals that he worked on the black and yellow armor for the movie, which would have brought Logan back to his comic book roots.

James Mangold is currently writing the treatment. Jul 26, The director takes a darker, more serious approach to the character as Hugh Jackman's Logan heads to Japan this weekend. Nov 8, The Wolverine is now the second highest grossing X-Men movie of all-time.

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Jul 16, Hugh Jackman tangles with Hiroyuki Sanada while Svetlana Khodchenkova strikes an unsuspecting victim, in theaters soon. Nov 5, Hugh Jackman stars in this superhero sequel that follows the mutant Logan to Japan, where he faces his most treacherous nemesis yet.

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