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The Looking Glass

So how can we, or anyone else, know who we really are? The White and Red Queen are sitting at the head of the table and she joins them. As in the other works I just touched on, all the emphasis is on the character hence the stress on psychological components. The queen explains that in this country you have to run at least twice as fast to get somewhere else.

She meets a deer who has also forgotten his memories.

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It is best known for introducing entities like the Jabberwocky,as well asTweedledum and Tweedledee, into popular knowledge. I interpret this to mean that one can remain the same throughout it all.

The Looking-Glass Self | Soci Sociological Theory

The concept of the looking the looking glass self summary dating self offers insight not only into our own thinking, but also to how we form our identity based on how others see us.

Mooie babykleding online dating imagines that the White and Red queen were the white and red cat, respectively. She wanders through a forest and suddenly forgets her name, as well as all her other memories.

It brings to mind one of my favorite quotes: The concept of the looking glass-self theory constitutes the cornerstone of the sociological theory of socialization.

When Alice tries to read a book she has to hold it up to the looking-glass to read it. On Self and Social Organization. Suddenly, Alice is transported through the looking-glass. But my point is appearances can be deceiving.

She wants to see the garden and finds herself floating downstairs. She wonders what it was that Dinah and the white kitten turned into.

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When they shake hands they all start dancing. Expat dating beijing Sheep asks Alice what she wants to buy and she answers that she wants to look first.

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I think it's safe to assume that we've all been there before, and will likely be there again Eventually, the Red Queen explains that this world is laid out like a board game.

When Alice walks to it, it seems to get further away.

See a Problem?

January 31, at 2: It is through this we understand how we reflect our self onto an object. Then the shawl is being blown away again and they cross a brook to get it.

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Haigha, one of the messengers, arrives and tells them that the Lion and the Unicorn are fighting for the crown again. The reader discerns that there might be a split of self. Woolf even incorporate animals! That uncertainty of what lies in store for her and what obstacles and challenges she may come to face created such a bleak state of hopelessness and helplessness that darkened her expectations and joy of being married.

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She walks to the table, takes the chess-piece of the Red Queen and tries to make the kitten confess that it turned into her. They have a conversation and Alice notices that the country is a huge chessboard, with brooks and hedges dividing the ground up into squares.

That fear of uncertainty and the unknown is human nature, it's hardwired into our psyche, and sometimes we can let that trepidation get to us and allow it to cripple us from enjoying the magnificence and splendor of the present moment.

For instanse, if you believe that your closest friends look at you as some kind of superhero, you are likely to project that self-image, regardless of whether this has anything to do with reality.

When Alice reaches an open place, she sees the White King with his memorandum book.

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Alice starts telling the kitten about the other side of the looking-glass where everything is the same as in the drawing room, only backwards. But here's the thing, Nellie is worrying about events that have not yet happened and may not even come to pass at all.

As a consequence the child will eventually believe that he is a smart person. She picks up the White Queen and puts her next to Lily.

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Bread and plum-cake is handed out and then the Lion and Unicorn are being drummed out of town, in accordance with an old song. The Garden of Live Flowers Alice tries to reach a hill to see the garden better, but not one path seems to lead to it; she always ends up where she started.

Seriously, don't quit your day job because of this review. This one wild and precious life.

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To entertain herself, she picks the kitten up and tells her about a world where everything is upside down. Copyright Super Summary. In that case, I think we internalize the judgements of others into our self-view.

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He tells her that he sent all his men and horses, except for those that are wanted in the game and his two messengers.

As long as we are interacting with others we are vulnerable for changing our own self-image, a process that will continue throughout our lives.

She meets a fawn and together they walk on. She is unhappy with her inside and outside appearance.