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The dry mountain ranges of the western united states contain rocks dating, great mountain ranges

Within it are found the highest points and the last remaining active volcanoes on the continent.

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For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section Wikipedia indicated directly below this answer section. The Himalayan region contains the world's greatest accumulation of ice outside the Arctic and Antartctic. Snow and ice in the world's mid-latitude mountains make much irrigated agriculture possible.

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Still others wanted to own land and to enjoy the fruits of their own labour. The seasonal temperatures vary greatly throughout the West. They contain many minerals, dense forests, mineral resources, and potential for hydroelectric power. Each person who came to America had left his homeland because he wanted something not available there.

The first European settlers arrived in the south-western parts of the mountains in the 16th century. Pines are prominent on the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plain and adjacent uplands, often occurring in nearly pure stands called pine barrens. In Canada and Alaska, the dry polar desert is extended southward by the same rainshadow process behind the Coast Mountains.

In some parts of the country the way of life seems to have happened by accident. From the desert or steppe of intermontane valleys, a climber typically ascends into parklike savanna, then through an orderly sequence of increasingly humid and boreal forests until, if the range is high enough, one reaches the timberline and Arctic tundra.

InArizona was visited by its first non-Spanish Europeans, English trappers.

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Writers as diverse as Mark TwainBret Harte, and Zane Bien flirter avec un homme ideal the dry mountain ranges of the western united states contain rocks dating or derided cowboy culture, while artists such as Frederic Remington created western art as a method of recording the expansion into the West.

It covers an enormous region beyond the dependable reach of moist oceanic air, wheelchair dating club the entire Intermontane area and sprawling from Canada to Mexico across the western part of the Great Plains. The western edge of the prairie fades gradually into the shortgrass steppe of the High Plainsthe change a function of diminishing rainfall.

At least some of these complexly deformed marine rocks are commonly exposed in the San Francisco region and many other areas of western California.

In its mammals and birds the southeastern fauna is less sharply distinguished from the life to the north and west and is less directly related to that of East Asia.

Category:Mountain ranges of the Western United States

Agriculture varies depending on rainfall, irrigation, soil, elevation, and temperature extremes. The glaciers and snowfields of the Andes supply water to the arid coast of central South America as well as to the Amazon Basin.

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None, however, is so important or so imperceptibly subtle as the boundary zone that separates the Humid East from the Dry West and that alternates unpredictably between arid and humid conditions from year to year.

The burrowing pocket gopher is peculiarly American, rarely seen making its presence known by pushed-out mounds of earth. Mountain building associated with the Sevier orogeny reached its peak.

Basin-and-Range extension continued during this period, as did volcanic activity in some areas. Compression in the area is lifting the range up. At some point they were replaced by three great Pre-Columbian Indian cultures: Fifteen million years after the prior scene, the interior seaway had shrunk substantially, leaving enormous low areas of sea-bottom and river-transported sand and mud in its wake.

Stretching approximately from Texas to North Dakota in an ill-defined band between the 95th and th meridians, this transitional region deserves separate recognition, partly because of its great size, and partly because of the fine balance between surplus and deficit rainfall, which produces a unique and valuable combination of soils, flora, and fauna.

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Most of them have highly individualistic cultures and have worked to balance the interests of urban development, recreation, and the environment. There is some variety of architecture, due to the differences in climate, locality and national background of the people.

What is the narrowest country in western South America? Subduction of the Farallon plate continued during this period. The Rocky Mountains separate the flow of rivers in America.

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PhoenixTucsonand Las Vegas dominate the westernmost metropolitan areas in the Southwest, while Albuquerqueand El Paso dominate the easternmost metropolitan areas. Extinction and subduction of large segments of this seafloor spreading center brought the Pacific plate into contact with North America along the present San Andreas fault system, thereby giving birth to the latest phase of mountain building and tectonic activity in the western United States.

Weather in the West resembles that of other dry regions of the world, often extreme, violent, and reliably unreliable. Temperatures in the West also fluctuate convulsively within short periods, and high winds are infamous throughout the region.

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Many people view the High Plains as the point where one begins to enter the greater Mountain West region. Transantarctic Mountains The Transantarctic Mountains deserve mention, in part because they are are long, miles. The bald eagle, America's symbol, flies in the skies.

Millions of tourists visit the Rocky Mountains region from all over the world each year. Mountain ranges within a particular geotectonic province are likely to have undergone uplift during roughly similar times, although such uplift could have occurred over periods of tens of millions of years.

Since both plates were covered with lightweight continental crust, which tends to float on top of the heavier mantle layer, crust from both plates was crumpled together.

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Each dot in the left hand plot shows the absolute age of a volcanic or igneous rock that is located within the broad east-west zone that is depicted in the panel at the right. Volcanism surged in the area in the last few million years, creating volcanic peaks like Mt.

The mountains also extendinto southeastern Canada. This culture remained in the area for several millennia.

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Every western range formerly had its own race of mountain sheep. Besides the native flowering plants, estimated at between 20, to 25, species, many hundreds of species introduced from other regions—chiefly EuropeAsia, and tropical America—have become naturalized. Drought is much more common in the West than the rest of the United States; the driest place recorded is Death Valley, California.

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What did the people who came to America, want? The image of the cowboy, the homesteader, and westward expansion took real events and transmuted them into a myth of the West that has influenced American culture since at least the s.

National parks are reserved for recreational activities such as fishingcamping, hiking, and boating, but other government lands also allow commercial activities like ranching, logging, and mining. Statistics from the census, adjusted to include the second tier of states west of the Mississippi, show that, under that definition, the West would have a population of 91,, including 1, Native Americans, or 1.

Cascade volcanos - active through the present-day. With the Compromise ofthe states of Texas and California were created Texas as a slave state, and California as a free stateas well as the Utah Territory and New Mexico Territory.

The Rocky Mountains are quite young, created between 70 million and 40 million years ago. The dipper, remarkable for its habit of feeding in swift-flowing streams, though otherwise a bird without special aquatic adaptationsis a Rocky Mountain form with relatives in Asia and Europe.

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The Rocky Mountains are almost 5, km long and, in the central part of the USA, almost km wide. Their snowfields supply great rivers: