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Come up with a new flavour of beer and sell it. According to the paper, she has gone on to brand their fling as one of her "biggest mistakes".

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Regardless, Lord Sugar awarded them the win as they had fewer mistakes than Evolve. Most sales made, wins. Both Leah and Natalie openly accused Zeeshaan of being sexist during the final boardroom, claiming that he had mistreated them throughout the task.

The five remaining candidates undergo a gruelling interview process from four interviewers - Margaret MountfordClaude LittnerMike Soutar and Claudine Collins. A caviar tasting session. Finalists launch their businesses, coming up with brands and campaigns, and pitch it to a panel of experts.

During the You're Hired half of the final episode of Series 10Neil commented that his success on this task led him to become a professional motivational speaker. There aren't any sexy hosts and Luisa could fill that gap. Endeavour received 1, orders, while Evolve received 2, orders.

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After a final round of discussion, Francesca was the last to be fired, as her business plan was the least ambitious of the remaining three, since Leah's had the potential for big rewards, and Luisa could make hers work with her solid business success. Jason, with regret - For abdicating his duty as Project Manager, especially on a task where he was more than qualified to lead, failing to stand up to Luisa's bullying, and for being unable to cope in the world of business due to his sensitive personality.

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Jordan found his claim, that he could solve a Rubik's cube in under 3 minutes, challenged by Mike, whereupon failed to do so and stated his claim had been made under pressure. Best concept made, wins. Francesa, Jordan, Leah, Luisa and Neil.

While Neil was chided in the boardroom, alongside Myles, for wrestling in sumo suits, he was given praise for his interaction with the client's workforce and his motivational speeches, with Karren stating that they were very impressed with him.

Neil, with regret - For offering a completely unworkable business plan, and being too stubborn to suggest any alternative. Brought into the boardroom: After Alex's dismissal, both she and Myles were told to step up in the next task, as any room for leniency was now gone.

While Lord Sugar commended Luisa for sticking to her sales plan, he informed her that he felt her sales team were probably more deserving of credit. Zeeshaan, Leah and Natalie Fired: Tim - For his weak leadership, authorising a bad failblog dating page 450 marlin, and for failing on a the apprentice luisa dating website his business plan was related to.

Meanwhile, Leah worked to pitch her idea for a chain of cosmetic surgeons called "Niks", yet she couldn't stop the name being printed on all of the products, after being forced to change it when it was revealed to be to skin cuts.

While Karren deemed Luisa as being the best performer on Evolve for her strong branding design, she raised concerns that she attempted to do little in the task after her heavy criticism in the previous task, to the point she was deemed a back seat driver, and was trying to set up Francesca as a scapegoat in case the team lost.

Although their client demanded a partial refund as well, their spending had been controlled, leaving them to claim victory. In total, the team bought four items, but their mistakes and the fines incurred ultimately snatched victory from them. While not fired, he was later criticised for clouding his judgement with personal opinion by blaming the team for not selling the retro-styled camper, after rejecting claims it was not suitable.

Finally, Jordan was the worst received, as although his intelligence was commended, the interviewers felt he had no entrepreneurial strengths, exposed considerable loopholes in his CV, and discovered that he violated the contract negotiations by not owing shares in the company he was proposing for Sugar to invest into; Claude was so appalled by this that he terminated his interview with Jordan before he could have the chance to defend himself.

However, due to the disaster within Evolve, Lord Sugar felt he had no choice but to give the team "the benefit of the doubt".

Despite this, the team enjoyed considerable footfall at a food and drinks festival thanks to a large footfall, and increased their sales further after slashing the high price for their beer. Purchase a set list of eight items for a new multimillion-pound hotel in Dubainegotiating for low prices.

Both Francesca and Leah were appointed by Lord Sugar as project managers for the task.

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Lord Sugar was annoyed that Luisa had been brought back by Francesa, who ignored his warnings about personal feelings, yet changed his mind on the matter after she demonstrated a disrespectful short-tempered attitude in her remarks about Francesca and the corporate world, to the point where Karren scolded her for immaturity.

Open a farm shop, source stock for it and sell it to the public.

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Meal cooked by a Michelin-starred chef. Matters did not improve on the second day, with Jordan taking a gamble to invest what little profit they had on a unique hand-made designer vase, only for it not to sell.

Lord Sugar decides on who is his business partner, based on feedback on their plan and their overall performance.

LUISA Zissman has hit out at BBC One’s The Apprentice for being “boring” and “dull”.

Unusually, the final edit of the episode did not contain Jordan's "walk of shame" scene and taxi interview; the walk of shame scene was shown, but as part of that week's You're Fired.

This rule stipulated that candidates cannot apply to appear on The Apprentice, if their business plan includes a company that they do not own or co-own. Luisa worked to pitch her idea for a website intended to sell to members of the baking trade called "Baker's Toolkit", yet was focused more on preparing samples than rehearsing her presentation, and thus noticeably stumbled at several points within it.

Ready Meal[ edit ] Original Air Date: Alex found himself questioned by Lord Sugar over why he had not put himself forward as project manager for the task, to which he replied that he had done so, but that Kurt had won support for the role because he had holidayed in a caravan.

Most of the team did not approve of Luisa's leadership due to her strict monitoring of their budget, though these criticisms were mostly overruled.

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The low orders they got from just the independent retailers, meant there was nothing the team could do to avoid losing.

They also claimed that Neil and Kurt should have been brought back because of their errors, a factor that Lord Sugar agreed to, as it was generally felt that Leah was brought back because she had questioned Zeeshaan's decision, while Natalie was chosen so that Zeeshaan could drag up criticism of her contribution.

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Meanwhile, Endeavour went with a concept aimed at young businessmen, and fared much better; while producing a corporate themed website that was considered to be a bit bland, their advert was well received, despite criticism for the comedic tone that didn't fit in with their professional website design.

Despite being the second highest seller on the team, it could do nothing to counter her questionable sales tactics in the task and her consistently poor performance throughout the process.

Does an apostrophe really matter in business?

While the margin of Endeavour's defeat was smaller compared to the seventh task, it was considered by Lord Sugar as one of the worst performances he had seen, with Karren having particular criticism for Jordan, who she felt had taken no responsibility for his actions and was constantly blaming Myles for the failure of the task, even though his own efforts had contributed very little to the team's profit.

Along with hastily taking on the role of PM in the initial briefing without consulting with her team, Lord Sugar felt that there with other key factors that made it impossible for Jaz to continue in the process.

Drinks at a modern cocktail bar. While it was noted that Francesca's mathematical mistake did not cause Evolve to lose, the panel agreed that it was such a basic mistake that it should have been grounds for instant dismissal.

However, the team's first pitch was a failure after they chose not to bring any samples, while Jason disrupted another by offering a customer a lower price than they had suggested. Being taught how to cook by a top chef.

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