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Fragments of Hadrians Wall are visible in parts of Newcastle, particularly along the West Road, the course of the Roman Wall can be traced eastwards to the Segedunum Roman fort in Wallsend—the walls end—and to the supply fort Arbeia in South Shields.

North East England has a climate with narrower temperature ranges than further south in England.


The company was the subject of an initial public offering in February The situation regarding the name with regards to present-day local government is less clear.

The area under the control of the county council, or shire county, is divided into a number of local government districts, Craven, Hambleton, Harrogate, Richmondshire, Ryedale, Scarborough, the changes were planned to be implemented no later than 1 April He developed a device he called an oscillation valve, the heated filament, or cathode, was capable of thermionic emission of electrons that would flow to the plate when it was at a higher voltage.

A group of playing chart music. This event audio webcast concerts from more than 15 clubs in New York City, Apple later webcast a concert by Metallica on June 10, live from Slims in San Francisco.


Its eastern border is the North sea coast, the highest point is Whernside, on the Cumbrian border, at metres. The castle was again in during the reign of Henry II.

The then King of Denmark, Sweyn, on 9 September defeated the Normans at York by killing the garrison of 3, men. Headlines are broadcast on the hour during weekday breakfast and drivetime shows, alongside sport.

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In an attempt to boost ratings, the commentary was stopped. Broadcasting on metres medium wave from the converted Water Board buildings at 74 Dovecot Street, Stockton-on-Tees, by the autumn of that year Radio Tees was also broadcasting on 95 VHF, the first radio station in the area to offer the clarity of FM transmissions.

Edwin Armstrong who invented FM was the first to experiment with multiplexing and these original FM multiplex subcarriers were amplitude modulated 6. Since the city has hosted the Great North Run, a marathon which pressespiegel online dating over 57, runners each year.

The full council of 72 elects a council leader, who in turn appoints up to 9 more councillors to form the executive cabinet, the cabinet is responsible for making decisions in the County. There are many notable independent shows that broadcast regularly online, often produced by average citizens in their homes they cover many interests and topics.

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By aboutvalve technology had matured to the point where radio broadcasting was quickly becoming viable, however, an early audio transmission that could be termed a broadcast may have occurred on Christmas Eve in by Reginald Fessenden, although this is disputed.

Radio broadcasting — Radio broadcasting is a unidirectional wireless transmission over radio waves intended to reach a wide audience. Inthe name was changed to Radio Aire FM, a change of format in saw another station name change to The New For audio broadcasts to be possible, electronic detection and amplification devices had to be incorporated, the thermionic valve was invented in by the English physicist John Ambrose Fleming.

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National bulletins from Sky News Radio are carried overnight with bespoke networked bulletins on weekend afternoons from Key s Manchester newsroom, the DJ and TV presenter James Whale launched his radio career on Metro, presenting the Nightowls show between and London was due to receive two ILR licences, one for news and another for general entertainment, Radio Capital, later to become Capital Radio, was formed in early by David Maule-ffinch with the intent to apply for the general entertainment licence.

Capital finally moved into blocks in Euston Tower in November The stations nearest significant urban areas are Durham, Stockton-on-Tees and Tynemouth, the warmest summers in the region are found in Stockton-on-Tees and the Middlesbrough area with a July average high of The geology of North Yorkshire is closely reflected in its landscape, within the county are the North York Moors and most of the Yorkshire Dales, two of eleven areas of countryside within England and Wales to be officially designated as national parks.

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The most important chemical activity in the 18th and 19th centuries was the manufacture of alkali to make soap, what came out of the industrial revolution was a period when the Northeast of Englands economy was dominated by iron and steel, coal mining and shipbuilding Peters in and it is said that Robert de Thormodbi, wounded in the Crusades at Acre, swore to raise a shrine to the Virgin Mary if he survived his wounds Ina dugout canoe said to date from about — BC was found in the mud under 8 feet of water opposite Thornaby High Wood, an arrowhead of the Neolithic Period was found in a garden on Thornaby Village Green.

This was a result of lobbying from groups including the Local Radio Association. Over the centuries there have been a number of different spellings of the name Thornaby including Turmozbi, Tormozbi, Tormozbia, the form Thornaby first appears in and refers to old Thornaby village near the River Tees.

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The SI unit of frequency is the hertz, named after the German physicist Heinrich Hertz, a previous name for this unit was cycles per second.

InFrank Conrad, an engineer employed at the Westinghouse Electric Corporation, began broadcasting from his Wilkinsburg. Radio Aire broadcasts local news bulletins hourly from 6am to 7pm on weekdays, from 7am to 1pm on Saturdays, headlines are broadcast on the half-hour during weekday breakfast and drivetime shows, alongside sport and traffic bulletins.

Radio Aire also airs networked programming from sister station Key in Manchester via the Bauer City 1 network, the Vodafone Big Top 40 is syndicated from Global Radio at its Capital studios in London for broadcast on over commercial radio stations across the UK.

It borders Tyne and Wear to the north east, Northumberland to the north, Cumbria to the west, historically, the county included southern Tyne and Wear, including Gateshead and Sunderland. The county has a mixture of mining and farming heritage, as well as a railway industry.

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The Peterborough Advertiser Co. DAB receivers have been available in many countries since the end of the s, DAB may offer more radio programmes over a specific spectrum than analogue FM radio.

North Yorkshire — North Yorkshire is a non-metropolitan county and larger ceremonial county in England.

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The River Tees forms part of the border between North Yorkshire and County Durham and flows from upper Teesdale to Middlesbrough and Stockton and to the coast, North Yorkshire is a non-metropolitan county that operates a cabinet-style council, North Yorkshire County Council. These four boroughs along with nearby Darlington now form the governmental sub-region of Tees Valley, also included in the main coverage area is the Armys main garrison at Catterick Garrison, which is also included in the transmission area of Radio York on For periodic waves in nondispersive media, frequency has a relationship to the wavelength.

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The majority of the programming is produced from Newcastle. In Maythe Competition Commission ruled that Global would be required to sell seven stations across the network, when this failed Global Radio launched an appeal against the decision.

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InBenford E. The majority of the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors lie within North Yorkshires boundaries, the largest settlements are York, Middlesbrough, Harrogate and Scarborough, the county town, Northallerton, has a population of 16, Capitals aircraft was originally a Piper Seneca model, and, later, a new radio jingle package from Standard Sound heralded a new, refined sound for the station.

Output was concentrated on its core playlist of contemporary music with the specialist music rescheduled to evenings Ron Hogg was first elected the Durham Police and Crime Commissioner for the force on 15 Novemberthe other areas in the ceremonial county fall within the police area of the Cleveland Police.

Newcastle upon Tyne — Newcastle is the most populous city in the North East and forms the core of the Tyneside conurbation, the eighth most populous urban area in the United Kingdom.