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Contact and Communication

At this time, you cannot email it to them. A Textbroker editor will read your sample and rate it from a scale of 2 to 5.

Textbroker has a rubric used to determine Level 2 through Level 5 ratings. You will need to send in a copy of your ID to prove that you are a US citizen.

Level 2 pays the least and level 5 pays the most. If you aren't already familiar, Textbroker is a site you can apply to and submit unique written content to their clients.

As long as you have some general knowledge about the areas listed, feel free to tick the boxes! I have read opinions which say that no one should work for them!

Expert Textbroker Review

I couldn't make a full-time earning, but I make several hundred pounds a month across all three. I think this is great. It may not be the most profitable or attractive option for seasoned freelance writers. Quality Control So what about the writers?

Textbroker Review: Is This A Good Way To Make Money Writing Online?

Beyond that, it is a simple process to become an author for TB. They are known for paying and flirting images tumblr fruits on time.

The businesses or individuals who buy content are called Clients on Textbroker. They say they pay out every two weeks, but there is no pattern to it so you put a request in and literally never know when the money will be sent.

If you're like me, you need your money as often as possible so this company switching over to weekly payments has been wonderful!

For authors

The site has been in existence since and is extremely reputable. If you know anything about meyou know that my first shot at making money online was with freelance writing.

It's easy to get accepted and once you're in, there are tons of articles you can pick and choose from to write. Most orders will have requirements, let me in 3 twins dating keywords or formatting preferences, so you need to follow those instructions.

Previously though it used to be the companies themselves that would review you which I think was part of the issue but nowadays Textbroker have done away with that since they realized it was a problem and they rely on their own editors to rate you instead.

All of these websites require you to submit a piece of writing before you are accepted as a writer, and so they can give you a grade or level. Once you're on board, based on your star rating given to you based on sample article during hiring process you'll be able to pick up any article you want out of hundreds or sometimes thousands!

In order to write for textbroker. You have to score 90 percent to pass. After you're initially hired in, every article you write for a client will be looked over by Textbroker's team of editors. Support staff is responsive.

Review of TextBroker : Scam or legit ?

There are Open Orders, which most new Authors start out writing. Take your time with your writing sample, because it can make or break your experience with TB. That certainly was not the tone I wanted to set for my budding writing career.

If you want to write for them, you absolutely must provide proof of citizenship. Text broker offers flexible pricing for both job recruiters and freelance writers to suit their payment preferences and project needs.

Textbroker Review - Is it Worth the Work? - Pajamas and Tie

The amount you earn per word depends on the Author Level rating that you earn. TB has a much better platform.

Add as much information to your profile as possible. Essentially, Textbroker is the middleman. How Does Textbroker Pay? Textbroker is a company that connects writers with companies from all around the world who are looking for content and willing to pay for it.

Review of Textbroker UK

Most authors will choose to max out the word count in order to make the highest rate possible on the article. Honestly, I like this system. Team Orders You can apply to be on different teams of writers through Textbroker and take orders given to a certain team.

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This seems strange to me, to be charged to get your pay goes against the grain, but the amount is small. These can actually be quite lucrative! That is fantastic, especially if you have a bill to pay or a night out to enjoy.

My Conclusion — Is Textbroker Legitimate?

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If a client has a high revision or rejection rate, avoid them like the plague. Click on the number to view all of the available assignments.

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A Textbroker editor will review your article and give you an initial rating. There are deadlines in each case - if you don't upload an article before the deadline is reached, the order is dropped back in the pool.

I believe that trained journalists and experienced writers can get a lot more money elsewhere and I believe their talents are best used writing for outlets which require their extensive skill set. Also, you cannot be promoted to level 5 unless you can pass this test.

These three sites - Textbroker, GreatContent and Copify, have work which you can pick up, write and upload within the hour if you want.


If you fail, you have to wait three whole months before being allowed to take it again. Alternatively, you can be demoted if the quality of your work suffers.

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For today's post, I'm going to share with you exactly how Textbroker works and how you can use it to earn income every single week from home. They encourage applicants to read their Privacy Policy.

Most of the articles are bought to be added to websites purely to attract traffic, and the writer is given the key SEO words to add into the text. I have found I often get 're work please' from them, usually to do with the tone used rather than errors.

It is true that the client can 'reject' an article and you do not get paid, but this has happened twice to me altogether over the years.

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As you can see, the assignments are separated by category and which star level is requested by the client. What do you write about? Are you currently or formerly a Textbroker author? FREE Textbroker is a middleman site that connects clients, looking for content, with writers. Feeling reassured, I went through with it.

All About Orders

My list of benefits and downsides are based on A my personal experiences and B reviews from people who have used Textbroker. My sample, submitted inplaced me at a Level 3.

Advertiser Disclosure Overview The Textbroker freelance site connects job recruiters with qualified content writers. The client pays Textbroker and then Textbroker takes part of that money and sends you the rest.

Revisions can be time-consuming.

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