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How much of you went into Officer Karen Pelly? If they were going to do a movie, it has to be amazing, because if it isn't, then you tarnish the entire reputation we took six years to build.

There is no worst thing about being left-handed! Your IMDb profile points out that you're left-handed. You were born in Montreal and raised in Vancouver.

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Were you prepared for the rabid media acclaim for New Waterford? The show came from such a great group of people, the cast, the producers, the crew. I just thought it was so cool that she was on a TV show, and sometimes she would be in school and sometimes she wouldn't.

It's hard, because there's a tara spencer-nairn dating of pressure to do it right. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

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Any update on the possibility of a Corner Gas reunion movie? I didn't know what a film festival was and had never been to one. Filmed in Glace Bay, N. And buy the right scissors. It makes wardrobe fittings so much easier. Was New Waterford Girl your breakout role? There's only great things about being left-handed.

Sandy is very organized and the type of person who shows up 20 minutes early for a meeting, which is like me. After graduation from the Vancouver Film School, she paid her dues with roles in Canadian-made series such as Breaker High and Poltergeist: I think we all miss it.

Your character, Lou, came from the Bronx. Was that your training school? When I was in high school, there was a girl in my grade named Emily Perkins, who was on a show called Mom P. Before acting, you were a competitive gymnast.

A lot of it came from the writers getting to know us over the years. It was like the first day of school all over again.


To this day, it's amazing how many random people will stop me on the street and tell me how much they love that film. Any preparation to play a triage nurse? It happened really quickly and I didn't know it was going on.

The writers gradually got to know us and Lorne's character and my character were flipped. Yet adorable in her own way.

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There isn't a lot of money, so there's always a sense of camaraderie. And I think characters in uniforms age well.

There's no egos or people saying "Where's my lunch? I mean, no one's making huge bucks doing an indie film.

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On Corner Gasyou were a cop; on The Listeneryou're a nurse. Gymnastics taught me how to perform with a lot of pressure and how to focus and not let nerves get to you.

There was also a drama teacher, Ms. How did you get the accent? I know people in Vancouver are going to hate me for that. Her big break came in with New Waterford Girl. It was pretty interesting.

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I actually love having a uniform. I love doing independent films, especially Canadian ones. The former Corner Gas fixture is back to regular series rotation on the returning paranormal drama The Listener.

Born in Montreal and raised in Vancouver, Spencer-Nairn spent her formative years as a competitive gymnast before setting her sights on acting in her teens.