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Taeyeon and onew dating, dating history

Could she have been kidnapped?

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This photo was probable taken from balcony or from any place which higher that the parking space. Seriously i can't keep up with those fans the moment They are dating it's fucking world war III and they get spammed with hate then the other moment they confirm they broke up the bitches still don't believe it and then continue the hate and 1 year later they are saying the 2 are back together please get pull yourself together Crazy Fans.

She noticed that she was the first but the maknae and Jonghyun are soon catching up. Taeyeon blushed like mad when he held her hands tightly. I believe that the photos were not taken in the same time.

Maybe it is Harry Potter who drunk and stopped for a while to do some stupid tricks. Look at circle number 3. The white van was missing! Look at this photo.

He was dragged to the rollercoaster entrance by TaeNy. Idate online dating have date tonight. If they are climbing the tree, do you think it is possible to climb a tree without anyone noticed?

Must be because of that pabo key.

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She decided that from now on,she had to be competitive to win Jonghyun's heart. Like we usually did, we would take same pose or same background like our idol. Guys, trust me; I am as clueless as you.

Taeyeon And Baekhyun Dating Photos

It is really my bad. Give it an Upvote! They can date and screw off from the industry 4. It was probably a tree.

How is it possible? Then, look at this photo. Then, look at the circle number two. Do Beauties know about this?

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It seems that SNSD's maknae is annoyed Song Hye Gyo has a bad reputation for dating all the guys she worked with 6. Taeyon must go out from the car so that Dispatch paparazzi could capture her.

Well, once again, maybe it is Harry Potter! Therefore, this is no different. Jonghyun followed them when he hit his head"Pabo. Recently, he went to charity event and donates his money.

If car lamp is on, it means that the engine is still on. Even if you did, what for? She didn't think of these consequences when hinting her relationship on her Instagram, did she?

Jonghyun chuckled at Jessica. Come down and play with us! They were tricking one by one 1. So, Taeyeon must have parked her car in that empty space.

Let them live their life happily if they are really dating and my analysis is wrong.

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It seems like the car headrest made of wood so that it is shining under the light. Tiffany came out of the car with a big smile on her face while Taeyeon had a grim smile on her white baby face,obviously because of what happened just now. Why did he open his cellphone while they were dating at that moment?

Look at circle number 1.

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Not even a single leave. And I felt nothing. They should have used it really well: Those are the screenshots from JYJ3. But, the second photo shows that there was no bus near the spot in the first photo to take picture.

Taeyeon baekhyun dating

It's Onew and Jonghyun's version only. They sat together with Onew in the centre. When Taeyeon arrived, there was yellow and white van and yellow van positioned next to each other.

I believe that SM Entertainment has many great and multi-talented artists. Jonghyun and Jessica looked at her pissed off. I looked at EXO folder in my laptop and I cried. So how was it? Does it mean the company is in bad state right now?

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It had happened for two days. Those are the stock level of SM Entertainment today. Taeyeon picking up Baekhyun This must be when Taeyeon picked up Baekhyun in the dorm. Then, why did Taeyeon leave her car that way?

SNSD's TaeYeon is dating EXO's Baekhyun! - Wonderful Generation

Jessica replied"Didn't you say to wait for you at the mango tree? Taeyeon and Baekhyun are having cheerful and romantic moment in the parked car.

They said they had to get ready before the date Next, look at this photo. The yellow in that space is brighter than in other spaces. Those are fans who waited outside the dorm at that time.