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Dennis pretends she is his grandmother to win back a former sweet dee willie dating in "The D. In the episode, the gang casually mentions that they injected a GPS pet tracking chip into Cricket's body, without his knowledge.

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He is again seen wearing the jean shorts, and breaks down in tears when discussing Dee's manipulative behavior towards him. Connect me to people I follow on Twitter?

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She informs him that his shirt is on backward, but the man dismisses it out of hand. Shaping America's Youth" because Dee took her students on a field trip to Paddy's Pub to watch Mac and Dennis's Lethal Weapon 5 movie and because Charlie's mentoring of a student named Richie led to him dressing up in blackface after watching the movie.

However, Glenn Howerton specified on Twitter that this is not the case. He gets "revenge" on Charlie for this by attempting to give him a wedgie when Charlie has passed out from huffing chemicals in a restroom, but is horrified when Charlie's filthy underwear splinters into shreds in his hands.

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Dee goes back to her high-school to talk to Dr. They are introduced in "Charlie Got Molested" when they falsely accuse a former teacher of pedophilia and Charlie and the rest of the gang foil their plan and turn them in to the police, which sparks the McPoyles' antipathy toward the Paddy's Pub gang.

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Dee sleeps with him to get information about their secret microbrew recipe. We've detected that your browser isn't showing rci 2950 radio speaker hookup. In his first appearance "Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad"he attempts to get Mac and Charlie who have come to visit him in prison to bond with him to smuggle heroin into the prison in their rectums.

S03E09 "Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person" - Discussion Thread - Rewatch : IASIP

Despite these revelations, Charlie and Mac try to paint Dennis as the killer via a Making a Murderer -style documentary. She marries Groban, but their marriage lasts only 17 minutes with Dee divorcing Groban for Brad Pitt. He then claims to be actor Don Cheadlebut Dee doesn't fall for it either.

Dee takes over as a substitute. Dee and Artemis get backstage passes to a Groban show, but Dee is unable to attend because Frank had poisoned her and tied her up. Ryan seems to have a strange addiction of inhaling Pledge furniture cleaner, and all the McPoyles seem to exclusively drink milk and to prefer warm, clammy conditions, which explains their constant sweaty appearance.

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"Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person"

Both men wear foil, science fiction outfits and Dennis announces to the unusually crowded bar that they will experience "sexual magic. Before they can practice with their new front man, Sweet Dee comes into the room and announces that she broke up with Kevin.

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Dee and Artemis are huge Groban fans, calling themselves "Grobanites". We based it off your Facebook details. Artemis is overly serious about her craft and displays bizarre habits and outbursts.

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Carmen[ edit ] Carmen Brittany Daniel is a trans woman who was dating Mac. If ads still aren't showing, look into tweaking your browser settings so that they start to show.

In "Dee Gives Birth" it is revealed that Carmen is the father of Dee's baby she had her sperm frozen before she had GRS and that they used an anonymous egg donor and Dee was merely a surrogate. Ponderosa also appears in the Season 11 episode "Being Frank," where it is revealed that he and Frank have developed a friendship based on hard partying and other social activities, and Frank has nicknamed him "Pondy.

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Dennis then announces from the practice stage that Lil' Kevin actually is not retarded. He continues to throw popcorn into his mouth while he laughs.

She harbors an unrequited crush on Dennis, who slept with her in the episode "Charlie Has Cancer".

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Ben is seen again in the episode "The D. Dennis claims that he has a shoebox full of pictures of him and Mac doing this, and pictures are surfacing on the Internet.

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She later reconnects with Frank, enjoying his harsh treatment becoming his "bang maid," but she quickly transfers her affections to Mac's intimidating father Luther after meeting him at a dinner party thrown by Mac and Charlie. Adblock Plus Click the AdBlock Plus button on the top right of your browser's toolbar addons and click Disabled on whosampled.

He dumps her, calling her a "mean person" and goes for a pharmacist that dumped Dennis after the latter "Dennis-ed" her. Their clan is built entirely from inbreeding and Liam and Ryan have an incestuous relationship with each other and their deaf-mute sister Margaret Thesy Surface.

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Tell my friends about Myspace? At first they can't stand each other, but they eventually bond over their mutual racism and xenophobia. Frank wants to call the band The Pecan Sandies and claims that the title is a double entendre.

Cricket is given his own storyline in the Season 12 episode "A Crickets Tale".


Both men wear their preferred costumes while they argue over the name of the band. Mac then invites Frank to take he and Charlie out to buy instruments.

Charlie goes to great lengths to woo her, while she goes to great lengths to attract Dennis' attention. In "The Waitress Is Getting Married," it is revealed that she went to high school with the Gang, where she and Dee dated the same guy a retcon after not knowing Dee when they 'first meet' in the second episode of the series.

Dee and Dennis clam up, uncertain if Kevin overheard the two of them constantly repeating the words "retard", "normal" and numbers associated with each.