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Ultimate Hacked that has been played more than times. You can take a look at scoreboard with "TAB" key to get information about progress.

Recent Game Medals

Play Now This is where you can play SuperFighters. I can no longer host after an update, why? It's not about balanced competetive gameplay, it's about chaos. How frequently do you release updates? The game won't be "done" until we stop working on it.

Weapon spawns are random.


First make sure you run the program with administrator privileges. Registration Original Newgrounds is an American entertainment and social media website and company. And you can use "Space Bar" button to restart the game at the end. In Stage Mode, you will gradually meet more powerful enemies.

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. It consist of various tactics and skills of fighting which players can use to fight against each other and the best tactics and skills of fighting will be rewarded. In the release version.

Founded on July 6,by Tom Fulp, the site presently hosts games, movies, audio and artwork in four respective hubs, or Portals.

SuperFighters Deluxe

Player spawns are random. It is all about using unique skills in order to play it successfully. If it still doesn't work, the most common reason is that you must set up port-forwarding.

If that doesn't help try to restart your computer to kill any old SFD processes before you reinstall the game uninstall it, remove any remaining files manually and then install SFD again. Also make sure the game allows drop-in unless you want to wait around in the lobby.

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As it's a new update the whole "Superfighters Deluxe. Remember that while using an object as cover, you can shoot and throw grenades through that object.

MythoLogic Interactive

You can make a teamwork using "Stage Mode" selection with your friend together against to enemies. Log in to save your medals!

We will keep building the game until we have reached our current goals, and will probably keep adding updates and extensions beyond that. Check our forums for more frequent posts on what we're up to.

Superfighters DELUXE

This battlefield has object that you can either move, destroy and manipulate depending on your best skills. Updated answers to reflect current progress of the game 1 x.

It consist of a battlefield.

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You can partake in pre-alpha testing by visiting MythoLogicInteractive. The first thing you need to know about SF is this: Make sure you run the program with administrator privileges.

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Some keyboards will cause problems in two-player mode due to the limited number of keys that can be pressed at once. I have very low ping but keeps getting disconnected shortly after joining a game, why? SuperFighters Deluxe has weapons that players use to fight.

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This is commonly caused by an old SFD process still running in the background. It may be that your router can't handle enough packages in time for SFD.

We make games in our spare time on a shoestring budget and with a whole lot of passion. We want to give you the tips on how to win the game.

Player 1 uses "Arrow Keys" and "N,M" and "," keys to play.