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There will also be a photo booth to commemorate the trip, and free wifi to best accommodate visiting sweet tooths. Sharapova opts not to be 'Sugarpova' Published August 20, Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Email Print Maria Sharapova has mercifully decided not to change her name to Maria "Sugarpova" for the two weeks of the US Open in a blatant attempt to promote her line of candy.

Sassy Sour Taste test: Jeff Rubin, who sugarpova flirty sourceforge the brand with Sharapova, sugarpova flirty sourceforge that athletes marketing 'healthy' and 'organic' sweets was misleading, because the athletes themselves eat sugary snacks He said: Twelve kinds of Sugarpova to choose from.

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Maria wanted to create the first ever candy lounge, where people can come to enjoy not only her collection of signature candies, but to relax, treat themselves, and share the fun on social media. My earliest memory of candy is being a little girl back in Russia and asking my parents for a lollipop after a good practice on the tennis court.

But Jeff Rubin, who created the brand with Sharapova, said that athletes marketing 'healthy' and 'organic' sweets was misleading, because the athletes themselves eat sugary snacks. Share via Email This article is over 4 years old Maria Sharapova is intending to change her surname dating agency cyrano ost k2nblog t-ara Sugarpova for the US Open, a move designed to plug her line of sweets.

And here I am many years later hoping to get a sweet treat after a good practice. The news came Tuesday, the morning after the initial report surfaced that she was considering the name change during the tournament, which begins Aug.

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Sharapova may need the permission of the grand slam committee to go through with the name change which, if granted, could see her introduced and addressed as Miss Sugarpova during matches. In response, Asda Pharmacy is offering a free test to all shoppers and itsemployees nationwide.

They all essentially taste the same, but come in different shapes and colors. The banana and peach are particularly tasty.

Candy Spotlight: Sugarpova Flirty Minis

Each of the 12 varieties is packaged in stylish white pouches and has a cute, but non-descriptive name. Each fruit-shaped piece tastes a lot like the real thing.

Open, the candy seemed more Kournikova than Sharapova -- all style, no substance. So to be promoting an unhealthy habit like this seems entirely inappropriate' Each 'serving' contains calories and approximately 19g of sugar, the equivalent of five teaspoons or half a can of Coke.

Maria ‘Sugarpova’ ditches US Open name-change plan - France 24

This story presents an interesting juxtaposition. Maria has created her own candy business that is premium but aordable by interpreting classic types of candies in her own signature style.

There is a suggestion that the Sugarpova candy logo, a pair of red lips, will appear on her clothing during the final grand slam of the year. A long time personal candy lover with a sweet tooth, Maria developed a new level of quality to the candy category in unexpected and fun types and shapes — with playful names to match.

It was that little treat I looked forward to. Share this article Share Sharapova says: Then, in an Aug.

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When Sugarpova debuted shortly before the U. The premium candy line reflects the fun, fashionable and sweet side of Maria, and now Wimbledon visitors can get the full Sugarpova experience in a whole new way. The new Sugarpova lounge will boast a bevy of fun offerings for visitors and fans of Sharapova.

So to be promoting an unhealthy habit like this seems entirely inappropriate.

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Then Wednesday, Sharapova, still battling injuries, withdrew from the tournament anyway. Which is fine, as long as the candy tastes good.

But we call Sporty a winner for the tennis-ball-shaped gumballs. If she consumes too much of her product, she won't be appearing on Shape again.


In conjunction with the commercial name, just in case anyone didn't get the message, she planned to wear the Sugarpova lips logo on her tennis attire. Flirty, a fruit-flavored candy kiss, possesses lips like sugar. And I am not exaggerating one bit. This was an idea that fell along those lines.

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Not only will candy and sweets abound, but the space will also host a juice bar with concoctions inspired by Sugarpova flavours. Now, where have we heard that before? But, at the end of the day, we would have to change all her identification, she has to travel to Japan and China right after the tournament and it was going to be very difficult.

Whatever it takes to stop this from happening, we'll take it.