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Id This keyword is a compressed combination of the other keywords.

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Instead, simply ask Subversion to perform keyword substitution on the LastChangedDate keyword. It may also be specified as LastChangedRevision or Rev. Now, let's enable substitution of the LastChangedDate keyword.

The value is a space-delimited list of keyword names or aliases. This is the same revision which would be substituted for the Revision keyword.

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Adding keyword anchor text alone to your file does nothing special. You can use this program, plus some additional tooling, to embed that revision information into your files.

Note also that we set the svn: If you never update your working copy, your keywords will never expand to different values even if those versioned files are being changed regularly in the repository.

Subversion ships with a tool called svnversion, which was designed for just this purpose.

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It may also be specified as LastChangedBy. It may be abbreviated as URL. After all, you might be writing a document [25] about how to use keywords, and you don't want Subversion to substitute your beautiful examples of unsubstituted keyword anchors! To define a custom keyword, add a token to the value of the svn: It may also be specified as LastChangedDate.

To do this, you need external processing.

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All keywords are case-sensitive where they appear as anchors in files: The date displayed by this keyword is in UTC, unlike that of the Date keyword which uses the local time zone. And as we predicted, the Rev keyword was not substituted because we didn't ask for it to be.

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Left to human authors, the information would inevitably grow stale. You could burden every author of that document to, just before committing their changes, also tweak the part of the document that describes when it was last changed.

Keyword definitions cannot contain a literal space character.

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To tell Subversion whether to substitute keywords on a particular file, we again turn to the property-related subcommands. Subversion will happily ignore requests to substitute keywords that are not present in the file and will not substitute keywords that are not present in the svn: Understanding this clears the confusion, but frustration often remains—without the support of a Subversion keyword to do so, how can you automatically get the global revision number into your files?

In addition to previous set of stock keyword definitions and aliases, Subversion 1. Keywords generally provide information about the last modification made to the file.

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You will see no changes to the file's contents unless you made some of your own prior to setting the property. Subversion will never attempt to perform textual substitutions on your file contents unless explicitly asked to do so.

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For example, say you have a document in which you would like to display the last date on which it was modified. Because this information changes each time the file changes, and more importantly, just after the file changes, it is a hassle for any process except the version control system to keep the data completely up to date.

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Immediately after you commit this property change, Subversion will update your working file with the new substitute text. Subversion defines the list of keywords available for substitution. You control where the keyword is inserted into your document by placing a keyword anchor at the desired location in the file.

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That list contains the following keywords, some of which have aliases that you can also use: For example, say you have a versioned file named weather. At that time, the keywords in your weather. The format string syntax used for custom keywords supports the following format codes: You should consider the value of the svn: If someone else now commits a change to weather.