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John, the man, or both? More than one movie has used the comic line "The peasants are revolting", which allows an interpretation of revolting as both a verb or adjective. A common form is the garden path type. Sometimes, local ambiguities can result in "garden path" sentencesin which a structurally sound sentence is difficult to interpret because is she interested or just flirting interpretation of the ambiguous region is not the ultimate coherent interpretation.

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Who is on the mountain? Global ambiguities are often unnoticed because the reader tends to choose the meaning he or she understands to be more probable. The name crash blossoms was proposed for these ambiguous headlines by Danny Bloom in the Testy Copy Editors discussion group in August He denotes by it a confusion of the notions of the pure understanding with the perceptions of experience, and a consequent ascription to the latter of what belongs only to the former.

Children, on the other hand, can decide quickly on an interpretation because they consider only the interpretations their working memory can hold.

Identifying and Resolving Ambiguity

Because only a single analysis is available at any time, reanalysis may sometimes be necessary if information following the initial analysis is inconsistent with it. Plausibility tends to support one analysis and eliminate competition.

However, the model has not been completely rejected. Somali Tied to Militants Held on U.

1 Semantic Ambiguity

One example of a global ambiguity is "The woman held the baby in the green blanket. The ambiguity in a locally ambiguous sentence briefly persists and is resolved, i.

I'm glad I'm a man, and so is Lola. Some theories hold that competition contributes to processing complications, if only briefly. Results of many experiments tracking the eye-movements of subjects has demonstrated that it is just as difficult to process a globally ambiguous statement 1 as an unambiguous statement 2 and 3 because information before the ambiguity does not provide a strong bias for either syntactic possibility.

Who has the telescope?

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In contrast, in semantic ambiguity the structure remains the same, but the individual words are interpreted differently. In the realm of advertising and marketing, one of the enduring advertisements for Glad garbage bags states "Don't Get Mad.

One of the most enduring jokes from the famous comedian Groucho Marx was his quip that used a modifier attachment ambiguity: Is the prophet ZechariahBerekiah, or Iddo?

How he got into my pajamas I don't know. Aristotle writes about an influence of ambiguities on arguments and also about an influence of ambiguities depending on either combination or division of words: Convincing evidence against competition-based models includes the fact that globally ambiguous sentences are easier to process than disambiguated sentences, signifying that there is no competition of analyses in a globally ambiguous sentence.

If probabilistic and linguistic constraints offer comparable support for each analysis, especially strong competition occurs. Eduardum occidere nolite timere bonum est. In humor and advertising[ edit ] Syntactic or structural ambiguities are frequently found in humor and advertising.

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John saw the man on the mountain with a telescope. One could also imagine rope was involved, at which point lexical ambiguity comes into play. The word of the Lord came to Zechariah, son of Berekiah, son of Iddo, the prophet.

The sentence could be taken to mean that Henry will depose the duke, or that the duke will depose Henry. Ray Davies deliberately wrote this ambiguity into the song, referring to a cross-dresser. He based this on the headline "Violinist linked to JAL crash blossoms" that Mike O'Connell had posted, asking what such a headline could be called.

Furthermore, children appear to be less skilled at directing their attention back to the part of the sentence that is most informative in terms of aiding reanalysis Joseph and Liversedge, In contrast to constraint-based theories, only one analysis is constructed at a time.

Van Gompel and Pickering refer to the unrestricted race model explicitly as a two-stage reanalysis model. As in constraint-based theories, there is no restriction on the sources of information that can provide support for the different analyses of an ambiguous structure; hence it is unrestricted.

Ship for Months Either the Somali was held for months, or the Somali was just now linked to militants who were held for months.