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I like to sing.

Steve Soboslai

Which song came together perfectly? We rode the bus together. So Steve would not like it. I think we discussed it a little bit, of course. That would just be crazy.

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How long have you been working with InVogue Records? After almost two decades, different labels, members come and gone, and seven full-lengths, Fafalios and Soboslai are now the sole force behind the Pittsburgh-bred band and seem intent on continuing until it is no longer physically possible.

Absolutely not, never for one second, even though many people told us to do that. So we signed the record deal with them a few months back. Would you agree with that?

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Their stories checked out, but we learned a lot. I always felt good writing lyrics, writing melodies, but the dudes I was in the band with were always such good singers steve soboslai dating I think I felt a little bit bashful about insisting that I sing.

Pretty much to right at the end of the last one. The album, released on InVogue Records on Dec. I always sang here and there on the albums, whether it was backups or I got a few lines here and there.

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I sing the chorus of that one, and Steve sings the verses. I would say about three years. We were lumped in to the pop-punk category forever, and I totally understand why. Then not long after that, me and Chris, we paired up with PJ and started Punchline, total like garage-rock style.

Everybody had an instrument, and I was only like a week ahead of them, as far as guitar playing, but hey, I knew chords! When did you start writing this batch of songs?

Or just starting a new band? And we jammed and I remember that no one in their band had ever really played their instrument.

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I definitely think I would. Try to make it a pretty party-like atmosphere and I think I definitely think so. I think fans are very protective of punk, in particular, of it being subversive and representing the margins, so if they perceive it as more mainstream or losing its edge, they feel betrayed.

At first we sent song ideas back and forth. Then we became friends through a mutual friend who I had never met, just got my number and called my parents house and asked me if I would start a band with him and Chris. What can you tell me about this show on Friday?

It came down to I think the way in which we communicate and like speak this secret creative language has been a big part of why Chris and I continue to work together.


It has to me, it has all the elements that I see would make like a City Paper spoke with Fafalios and Soboslai via phone separately, like a vice principal interrogating troublemakers to find cracks in their alibis. Punchline has always had two headlines for every story.

Also, you know, being that when we recorded this, it was just Steve and I being the band. What led to the decision to have you sing on it?

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For us, Punchline is us. I have known Chris since high school. Over the years we always had a second guitarist who also sang.