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Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool are in total wipeout dizzy dummies.

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Another butterfly on her back. In Aprilshe got trei purcelusi online dating number '5' in memory of herquarterback.

I don't know for sure, but if you've seen the mattress episode where Rachel and Finn sing Smile, when Cory tickles Lea in the end of that scene her laughter seems pretty genuine.

I mean, he was dating Gavin Creel A gold star on her left wrist. Dianna Agron is really just a touchy feely kinda person if you know what i mean A butterfly on her back for her mom; another butterfly on herfoot for her cousins.

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Candice wrote it in her goodbye blog that about John Cena. Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool are won tag team tittles.

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A gold star for Rachel. Yes they are great friends.

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One of her latest ones is "Our city, our love" on her foot,which was later altered. Beth Phoenix have a fight with Michelle McCool in the ring. Thank-you John for our great friendship, conversations, and encouragement in the business!

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Is Lea Michele ticklish? James Is lea michele gay? Is Jonathan groff gay? Kevin Mchale is not Lea Michele.

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Two musical notes on her left shoulder. A tattoo on her left hand side her left rib - a cross and "MyAngel Now" in memory of her deceased grandfather. Cory Monteith unitl his death in July Yes, Lea has tattoos, 9 to be specific.

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A cross and unidentified writing on her left rib cage Does Lea Michele have any tattoos? Lea Michele has often refereed to Jon Groff as her best friend. Jonathan Groff was the original melchior in spring awakening on Broadway, he played batboy off Broadway, and claude in hair, he now appears in glee as Jesse st.

In Decembershe posted a picture of herself and thenboyfriend, Matthew, getting a tattoo together. Based on that I'd say shes ticklish and Cory knows it. Are Candice Michelle and John Cena best friends? They are friends and co workers.

Is Michelle McCool still Beth Phoenix best Friend?

She and Cory had unknown matching tattoo's, suspected in confirmed December An unidentified tattoo in memory of her grandpa on her thigh.

Dianna is dating Alex Pettyfer and Lea is dating Theo Stockman and they have been asked in a interveiw if they were romantically involoved with each other and they both said no, they're just best friends. Two music notes from Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' on her rightshoulder.

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They are too much of friends and they don't have time to date since they are both so busy with Glee. Why is Michelle Billie's best friend? And he has, according to some, been "out of the closet" so signs do point to yes!

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Are Dianna Agron and Lea Michele best friends? In Aprilshe posted a picture of her new tattoo, a smallcoffee cup in memory of her deceased grandmother. Where does Lea Michele live?

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Beth and Michelle are best mates.