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Sound bar hook up to direct tv, how to: hook up your soundbar with an optical cable

With wireless subwoofers, Bluetooth audio, and tons of inputs, these devices are now more powerful and better suited for modern living rooms. No Sound Ensure that the audio cables connected to the Samsung sound bar are connected to coapa heights online dating the correct outputs on the source device and to the correct inputs on the sound bar.

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Let us know on Facebook or comment below and join in the discussion. If the batteries in the remote control are loose, re-seat them and try again.

There may be an internal issue. Make sure the sound bar is set to play audio from the appropriate input.

Controls Not Working

Fortunately, modern TVs allow for the optical digital cable to output the audio from all inputs, including analogue and HDMI. SoundShare is a feature that's only available on Samsung TVs. Speed date torino luglio 2018 corvette idea is to get everything connected however you can.

Check the audio cables connecting the sound bar and the source device and ensure that everything lines up.

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Additionally, test other buttons on the sound bar to make sure the issue isn't with just one specific button. LG blue ray won't play sound from RCA sound bar. Check your TV to make sure it also has the SoundShare functionality.

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Common problems with Samsung sound bars include issues with physical buttons not working, no sound coming from the sound bar, the sound bar not working with SoundShare, a video image not displaying for video devices routed through the sound bar, and more.

Connecting Devices through Your Television As mentioned above, this method is primarily for people who have a table-top-mounted television and who can get easy access to the rear inputs of the TV.

How do I set up a sound bar with my TV?

If you're routing a video device through the sound bar and to your TV, ensure that all of the cables are firmly connected and also that they are connected to the right place. Make sure none of the connectors are loose. And who knows, it might just get you hooked enough on good audio to convince someone to let you upgrade that system down the road to something that will really shake the house!

The suggested range by Samsung is 15 feet. Doing this means that you would connect your Blu-ray player, streaming media device Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, etc directly to the television.

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This lets audio actually return to the sound bar on the same HDMI cable that connects the sound bar video output to your TV. Or is it something different? The idea here is that you are connecting all of your devices through your television. Instead, you can focus on sound quality and the features you may need or want—like Bluetooth audio or an integrated radio.

Running additional lines becomes a real pain if not downright impossible.

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Are you looking at a sound bar? That means that you can watch everything you want on your television, including external sources as well as your digital antenna or streaming media services, and output all that audio to a much better sound system.

Depending upon which route you choose, the set up and configuration of your sound bar speaker will vary greatly. Samsung sound bars are relatively painless to hook up, and even support HDMI pass-through so you can route sound from a video device directly through the sound bar and into the TV.

Use troubleshooting to see if you can resolve these issues on your own before you reach out to costly professionals for help.

Using Your Television or Your Sound bar as Your Media Hub

Try changing the batteries in the remote control. The second is that the sound bar is the place where all connected devices should be fed both audio and video. Try switching between different modes on your TV and try using SoundShare again.

The problem, of course, is that many people have their flat panel TVs mounted on a wall. Controls Not Working If you find yourself pushing any of the physical control buttons located on the Samsung sound bar and those buttons aren't responding, you may be experiencing an issue with static electricity.

When this is the case, you will likely want to utilize a more sophisticated sound bar that can handle multiple HDMI inputs and which will switch the incoming video to a single HDMI output. To resolve this, disconnecting the power cable that connects to the back of the sound bar, waiting 30 seconds, and then reconnecting.

It sounds silly, but make sure the Samsung sound bar isn't muted and that the volume is turned up.

How Do I Hook Up My Sound Bar To My TV Using The Bundled Audio Cable? | Samsung Support CA

Then, you can pull audio from the television via its optical digital output. You should have a clear path between the two devices. Samsung HW-J sound bar. If you run out of HDMI inputs on either your television or sound bar, keep in mind that you can often accomplish the same thing by using an optical audio output.

Helpful Hints There are some potential hangups with some of these connectivity options, so here are a few things to watch out for: HDMI cable is hooked into HDMi slot on TV the details you provided were very vague, however from my experience when a device is connected to another device via and audio capable hdmi cable, that device renders it audio output to the device its connected to and normally turn off all other audio outputs beside optical- I would assume there is an option in the blue ray player to turn off hdmi audio, which will in turn activate other audio outputs- you may also look for audio out port on your tv, it is ideal to connect the sound bar directly to the tv set audio out ports.

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If you are, let us know what considerations you have when picking one out. Ensure that you're within the range where the remote control can communicate with the Samsung sound bar. More and more devices the Xbox One, for example have multiple HDMI connectors -- one serving as an input and another serving as an output -- and it's important to make sure you're connected to the right one.

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Speaker Audio Reversed If the left and right speakers on your Samsung sound bar sound like they're reversed, there's a good chance you got the wires crossed at some point when you were hooking things up.

To sum this up, if you plan to use your player via hdmi cable you need to turn off hdmi audio output on the blue ray player and the plug an audio cable from your blue-ray player to your sound bar you may also as i said connect your sound bar directly to your tv, the issue is most tv sets now a days do not have an audio out port, if you do then everything you play thru your tv will have audio via sound bar there are several way to go here but unless your sound bar has hdmi av switching capabilities im sure not this is one of the most simple--Good Luck.