From Mendel to modern genetics 2 © Zanichelli editore ppt download From Mendel to modern genetics 2 © Zanichelli editore ppt download

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Homozygous recessive yy It is the cross between an individual with dominant phenotype but unknown genotype and an individual with a homozygous recessive genotype.

Two heterozygous affected parents can have unaffected children if they inherit two copies of the unaltered gene.

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An individual who is heterozygous for the affected sommerflirts 2 zanichelli editore is unaffected, but he or she is a carrier for the disorder. In X-linked recessive disorders, a woman will be unaffected but a carrier of the condition if she is heterozygous for the altered gene, whereas a male will be affected if he inherits the altered gene from the mother.

When two different alleles are present for one trait, one is expressed dominantwhile the other is not recessive. He examined seven traits.

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It makes use of standard symbols: Two affected parents will always have affected children. F 1 generation 8 Mendel then crossed the individuals of the F 1 generation. Each gamete contains only one factor from each pair.

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A and B are dominant over 0. There are three different alleles for blood type A, B and 0.

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The alleles for a gene can be the same then the organism is homozygous for the trait or different then the organism is heterozygous for the trait. The phenotype corresponds to the expression of the gene as a trait.

Some human genetic conditions, like color blindness and hemophilia, follow this pattern of inheritance.

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A gene can occur in alternative variants, called alleles. He crossed two pure lines that differed for only one trait, for example seed colour P generation.

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Each gamete can contain all possible factor combinations. Unknown genotype YY or Yy? In the F 2 generation, he noticed that 3 out of 4 offspring showed one trait. It half the offspring show the dominant and the other half the recessive phenotype, the unknown individual is heterozygous.

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Mendel used pure line plants in his first experiments. Two unaffected parents will not have affected children unless a new mutation occurs.

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The result was called F 1 generation. A and B are both co-dominant. It involves the representation of a family tree in which the presence or absence of a specific trait or disease is indicated for each family member.