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Not only ……, but he also owned a movie studio. What about the price? TEXT 1 for question Once upon a time there live as neighbors, a bear and a rabbit.

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Doreen was so furious that she almost stopped playing the piano because her teacher insisted that she …… her scales A. I agree with its price d.

Poplawski developed a machine that excelled at making his favorite drink. Many people have seen that film several times. I have nothing to do e. The parcels I just brought into the house …… on the table. Because was snowing C.

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There are … who want to go to their home town to celebrate the Lebaran day. Do you think the station will be crowded? After she had had dinner. We are proud …. The bear was the father of five children. The underlined utterance is an expression of What do you think about thiscomputer, Ana?

I am still here because I …… my plane to Jakarta.


How was your weekend, Terry? The bear was very unkind to the rabbit.

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The communicative purpose of the text is…. Because there was snowing D. The poor rabbit would have to go home hungry after his hard days work. The rabbit was a good shot and the bear, being very clumsy, could not use an arrow to a good advantage.

The workers are all gone.

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Only one foreign student …. She is the person …… to that man in the corner. Indeed, he shot and killed so many that there was still lots of meat left after the bear and his family had loaded themselves and packed all they could carry home.

Because of the bad weather, the boss permitted them …… early. The youngest boy was very kind to the rabbit.

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What pentium is it? I saw the coach on the field after the game, and he seemed …… A. This morning I …. Lightning rarely …… twice in the same place. I hope you have a nice trip. The two new students …. Do you think Do you like these trousers?

Is it necessary …. I will take you to the hospital e.

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Haryono has some pets the are…. What do you call the text above?

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I am thinking of going to Bali b. People usually can get a sufficient amount of the calcium their bodies …… from the food they consume. Haryono have some pets c. In the past, the elderly couple …. When did she dial the operator?

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I like the price c. I saw it and found it not very …… A. Are you minded C.

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I understand that she was unhappy that …. I feel tired and I feel dizzy. The package containing books and records …. What are you going to do?

Probably …… little oil left under the North Sea by the year of Las Vegas hotels owned Hughes It would be disastrous …. Do you mind D. Reading is your hobby, ….? Every morning, the bear would call over to the rabbit and ask the rabbit to take his bow and arrows and come with the bear to the other side of the hill.

Choose the correct answer. After she finishes her study. Hughes owned Las Vegas hotels B.

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