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Her husband Clyde is buried by her. Illustrations The photos of Elinore Stewart in her garden and on the hay rake are from Elinorestewart. Encouraged by the success of the first series of letters, Sedgwick commissioned a second series of letters to be published in She was glad of the opportunity both to develop herself as a assistir psicose completo online dating and to earn income to help support the ranch.

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The house not only met the residency requirement of the homestead law; it also signaled the joining of Elinore's and Clyde's lives; they married later that month. Letters on an Elk Hunt. She has her own goal of becoming a woman homesteader in a time when few believe that a woman can do the job on her own.

She lived the adventures she wrote about, documenting the experience of homesteading that was so much a part of Wyoming's history and writing about it with a deep appreciation for her natural surroundings and her human neighbors.

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The letters were frank, vivid, eloquent and perceptive. Resources George, Suzanne K. Elinore was educated for a few years at Pierce Institute near White Bead Hill, until that grammar school closed in Juliet Coney, a widowed schoolteacher from Boston, Massachusetts.

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A priest at the Sunshine Rescue Mission in Denver advised her to look for a position as a housekeeper for a rancher as a good first step, and Elinore's employer, Mrs.

She arrived there in March ; in early May, she filed a claim for a quarter section adjoining Clyde's homestead under one of the Homestead Acts ; and on May 5, she and Clyde were married. In the fall of that year, Elinore moved to Denver, looking for domestic work.

Elinore also marries Mr. Elinore answered it with the agreement of Mrs.

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He and Elinore first met by appointment in Denver, then Elinore traveled to Boulder to meet Clyde's mother. Elinore's single woman homesteader by leona cox education consisted of just a few years of grammar school at the Pierce Institute near the community of White Bead Hill where her family lived.

Clyde and their sons continued to operate the ranch untilafter which it was leased. The letters often consisted of stories about local characters, about Elinore's own adventures, about neighborhood comedies and tragedies, all told in an informal and lively style.

Publication Several years into the correspondence, Mrs. Inher mother died of complications from childbirth; inher stepfather died in a work accident; leaving the orphaned Elinore responsible for her younger siblings, with only her grandparents available for support.

Elinore Pruitt Stewart

In May, Elinore fulfilled her dream by filing on a acre homestead adjoining Clyde's. Elinore Pruitt Stewart, Her letters have been described as "frank, vivid, eloquent and perceptive". Jerrine, Elinore's daughter by her first marriage, died in Anna Hess, The City Homesteader: Coney Once Elinore knew that her letters to her friend were to be published, however, it is likely that she wrote later letters with a broader audience in mind.

The act also required that claimants live on the land five years before they could take full title. Many Americans today would find the prospect of a single mother with a young daughter setting out to own a piece of land through the grueling work of clearing trees, maintaining a garden and constructing a house practically unimaginable.

Coney, picturing life in her rural Wyoming neighborhood. InJosephine died of complications from childbirth; Thomas died the following year in a work accident, leaving year-old Elinore in charge of the five youngest of her siblings.

Coney, during a visit to Boston, showed some of the letters to her friend, Ellery Sedgwick, editor of The Atlantic Monthly magazine.

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She is the author of Images of America: Letters of a Woman Homesteader is a compilation of letters written by a young woman named Elinore Rupert, a widow with a small daughter named Jerrine, to her former employer, Mrs. Though their personal reasons for homesteading varied widely, the desire for independence often dominated the letters, diaries and memoirs they wrote.

In those letters, as in the initial ones written to Mrs.

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Elinore Rupert Stewart, however, manages to have a fascinating life and personality in a time and place that seems to speak against the possibility that such a person could exist.

Letters of a Woman Homesteader. McGowan has been a cowboy, forest fire fighter, heavy equipment operator, farmhand, gardener, road musician and businessman. She developed friendships with a few of these and continued to correspond with them throughout her lifetime.

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Biography[ edit ] Elinore Pruitt was born on June 3, in White Bead Hill, which was then a settlement in Chickasaw NationIndian Territoryand as of [update] is an abandoned township in Garvin County, Oklahoma founded Find it in many Wyoming libraries under the following listing: But spring, summer and fall saw her on the ranch, raising gardens, caring for the livestock and haying, and entertaining many visitors who were drawn to visit the famous "Woman Homesteader" in her natural habitat.

This desire was strong in Elinore as well. Letters on an Elk Hunt covers two incident-packed months, August—Octoberon a licensed elk hunt, for both the adventure and the meat.

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Elinore Pruitt Stewart's legacy is both historical and literary. Leona Dixon Cox, Marjorie B. Coney that she delayed telling her about the marriage because she so wanted to be independent ad claim her land on her own.

There are twenty-six letters in Letters of a Woman Homesteader. But nothing would stop Elinore; in fact, the book ends as she achieves her homesteading dream. But the law also required that husbands and wives filing on separate homesteads maintain separate residences.