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But selling tickets can be tricky, you have to arrive punctual to the stops, if you are late or you arrive too early, some passengers will miss the bus and you will lose those tickets.

System requirements Below you will see the minimum system requirements to correctly download and play Bus Simulator in your PC: Different daytimes available While playing, you will have to accomplish 34 different missions Different bus models in 4 classes Possibility of downloading buses from the Internet Bus Driver Viewer camera and other camera views Online Highscore System If you want to know more information about Bus Simulator before you download it, feel free to visit the oficial website.

Apart from the managing matters of Bus Simulator, once you become a bus driver you will see that everything is very close to reality. This PC game includes more than bus stops, 34 missions, 18 different tracks and 8 different bus models.

Even the background sound is very true-to-life since the bus engine, the doors, or the passengers' talks sounds in the background.

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Clear and simple interface Beginners have at their disposal a Help System Megacity has 18 tracks to play Realistic city City traffic, pedestrians Different weather conditions Sun, rain, etc. If you are able to manage your bus company in a good way, soon you will see prospering your incomes.

Step by step you will achieve more incomes, thus, you will be able to get better buses, more modern and efficient and to extend the routes. If you do not, you always have the possibility to earn some money by renting your buses or with adverts, as mentioned above.

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One of its strong points is its realistic graphics that will help you to feel like a real bus driver. Besides, you can get larger buses if you rent or buy it in Bus Simulator.

Besides, you will have to open the doors in order to the passengers can get on the bus. System requirements Review Bus Simulator belongs to the category of simulator PC games and it reproduces the feelings and situations of driving a bus.

How to play this driving simulator The first thing you will have to do once you download and start to play Bus Simulator is planning how you want to run your company.


While driving, you will have to start the bus, to drive carefully, and even to stop in each bus stop. Windows XP or higher Processor speed: If you need some extra incomes, you are free to sell advertising spaces in your autobus or rent your vehicles.

In order to achieve your mission you will have to keep the schedule and try to sell as much tickets as possible to increase your incomes. At first, you will have a little and simple autobus with which you will perform little routes by the city of Megacity.

This provides your bus company with better reputation and so, more passengers.