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This module is red, and actually is a little smaller and thinner than the black Ignitor I. Our Marine applications include many popular and classic boats.

Eliminate Ignition Problems With A Pertronix Ignitor

I put it on and the car fired right up. Once this is accomplished, the ignition adjustment is set for life with no adjustment ever needed. The polarity is not correct.

Inspect the Ignitor wiring connections and look for damage.

How to Use MegasQuirt With the PerTronix Ignitor

Tin the stripped wire with solder. Turning the dial clockwise sets the rev limit. What you need to know is that the black wire coming out of the Pertronix goes to the black wire that is normally plugged into the spade connector on the distributor.

Install everything just as this step directs you to which does mean no R57 and install the jumpers to enable the circuit. If the voltage measured is approximately 12 volts, no resistance wire is present.

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Install a BIP coil driver in the Q16 slot. Please stay a while and if you dig it… JOIN here. The Ignitor electronic ignition is far from being universal. Fried two ECUs trying to figure this out. You can then set the ignition timing to 10 degrees with the engine running, using a timing light.

How to Use MegasQuirt With the PerTronix Ignitor -

After almost no trouble for a year, I was stranded on the side of the road. Attach the red lead of the multimeter to the battery positive terminal.

The unit comes set from the factory at 5, rpm. Use a 1K resistor to connect the red and black wires of the Ignitor together. For OEM points distributors, how to lock it out will depend on the distributor and may require welding parts together.

Eight cylinder engines should not exceed 8 amps. This will tell MSnS-E to use the timing map. The first step in troubleshooting involves answering a few questions. Write your measurement down. We selected the company's Ignitor III ignition system, which not only does away with the points, but is said to have as much power as an aftermarket ignition box—but without the bulky box.

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The multimeter should show a fluctuation between battery voltage and zero volts. The air gap between the module and magnet sleeve is too great.

The Ignitor III is fully electronic, picking up the crankshaft position either from the distributor cam lobe or the Pertronix magnetic sleeve.

Frist time I got the unit and the points pivot and adjusting screw are mirror image. Make sure that the ignition switch is off and disconnect all wires from the coil. I can fill in more details if there is some interest.

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PerTronix also offers ready to run distributors that come equipped with the Ignitor. Once you have set the base timing, set Fixed Angle to Parts supplier gave me another one, I changed it, handheld, harness, and the second one "fried" just like the first.

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They have to answer calls on all makes and models of cars, so they likely won't know anything about ballast resistors on a Midget or what voltage range a Lucas generator puts out.

Do you have the correct kit for your application?

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The coil will still need a minimum of 1. If the answer to these questions is "YES", then review some additional common solutions to a no start condition.

The wire connections are not tight. I used the exiting black wire, and I shortened the Pertronix black wire to 6" and crimped on a male spade lug so this wire can connect to the wire going back to the CDI. Any disparity between the desired setting and the actual indicated setting required disassembly of the distributor for another go-around.

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You want to verify that you have a This site was very helpful in some ways and yet I was surprised that there was not more information on doing this great upgrade. Follow the directions on this forum for removing the distributor.

When points are fresh and new, they put out quite a bit of spark energy. I have a with a 2. This turns on the Pertonix module at the same time the the CDI is turned on.

Write your measurement down. Many people left with points in their early Porsche cars would be well advised to do this conversion. Repeat Step Three after adjustments have been made.

For both cases, you often have to deal with a vacuum advance system. If you are using an analog style meter make sure to zero the needle.

Sniper With Pertronix

In fact, we've been left standing by the side of the road on more than one occasion because the breaker points had either fried or come out of the correct adjustment. Replacing the antiquated mechanical points with accurate and dependable electronic components increases the engine's performance and fuel economy.

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Label the wires attached to the coil terminals and note their appropriate location. If the LED light blinks slowly, you've successfully started the setting procedure.

How to Install the Pertronix Ignitor III in a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle

Hooked up yellow wire to negative coil. On its vintage distributor, Ford didn't have a "better idea" when it came to setting point gap or dwell. There will be a jumper wire from JS10 over to the center hole of Q However it is annoying to know that you will have to get at those points at least once a year.