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Shielded multi conductor hookup wire, our unlimited product capabilities

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Originally Posted by David Schwab Then we wouldn't need these silly charts to try and figure out how to wire some unknown pickup. Thousands of wire types and sizes are in stock, ready to ship, including multi-conductorhook-up wiresautomotive wiresand TFE wires.

The color code makes sense because, when used as intended, both white wires go to pin 2 and both blue wires go to pin 3 of your XLR connector.

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It should be the standard. An electrical wire primarily designed for the extreme conditions temperature, altitude, solvents, fuels, etc of airborne shielded multi conductor hookup wire. Suggested Voltage Rating - Volts.

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And all you need to determine the magnetic polarities of an "unknown" pickup is a "known" pickup. And if you want to know which wire is the Start lead of a coil - hell, you told me that trick.

Right now I'm using the Mojo wire.

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Contact Anaheim Wire Products to discuss details with one of our wire specialists. Burglar Alarm wire and Fire Alarm wire. Most times, you don't even need to know if they're North or South - just if they're "opposite" or "the same".

Shielded Guitar Wires

Our technical specialists have the know-how for almost any wire and cable application, including special orders. Our wire specialists will assist you in locating and selecting the right wire for your application. Wire is, after all, our middle name. Whatever your wire requirement, there is a good chance that Anaheim Wire Products can provide it.

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I know it's sacrilege to ask, but: If your specific wire or application does not appear in the following wire product listing or wire descriptions, please see our online catalog or refer to one of our wire specialists at or email us.

We can cut to length, respool, strip, crimp, twist, and dye mark your wire or cable order before shipping. Does anyone know where GFS gets their 4-C shielded cable? Isn't it a little late to make that decree?

Suggested Voltage rating Volts, Sunlight resistant, moisture and salt resistant.

4 conductor shielded wire

If you have an "unknown" pickup, the charts won't help anyway. Connectors Wires Anaheim Wire Products supplies a wide selection of quality wire which is ROHS compliant in various gauge sizes, shielding specifications, temperature ranges, and voltages, to name a few.

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Besides, if everyone copied DiMarzio's code, Larry would probably sue for infringement. Reminds me of some Mogami cable, but with the "right" wire colors. But with a screwdriver, an analog VOM, and a little know-how, you can determine which wires go to which coils, and the electrical phasing of those coils.

We can build almost any wire harness, assembly or other configuration that you may need.