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Shachi is rarely worshipped as an independent deity and is usually part of the Saptamatris. She is one of the seven Matrikas mother goddesses.

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She is a happiness and wellness coach, which as a matter of fact I did not understand much of what she actually did. Now I can work better on my life goals more respectively.

A puja dedicated to Goddess Aindrani is performed during the Ashada Navratri. One talk with her can help change the perspective in life.

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In the earlier Vedic accounts, Shachi was depicted as a female shadow of Indra. The lady was going through a trauma and had a bad life. I can very much recommend her to my friend and acquaintances for all.

It is said that unlike other goddesses, she possess an independent character of her own. I have also experienced a change in my attitude and levels of confidence for the better.

I have also recommended her to a few of my contacts and they are very happy with the change they have experienced in themselves after a session with her.

According to the Rig Veda, Shachi is considered a most fortunate female for Indra granted her immortality. It is said that she has similar characteristics to Indra and the same Vahana or vehicle a white elephant.

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She was said afa dating tours be the daughter of a demon; hence she is sometimes referred to as the Goddess of wrath. She is described as beautiful and having the most beautiful eyes.

Had rise of thyroid and with no such history of the same in the past and before going for any medical intervention, met Shachi to understand if I could by any means reverse and heal my body.

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In Hindu epics, she is also described as "The Endless Beauty". It made really feel good and it was worth a transformation session to understand the barriers to success.

I really want to thank Shachi mam for her easy approach and to the point simple connection with my son. It was her counseling and instillation of faith that led me through this change.

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In the same hymn Shachi also asks the god to rid her of rivals. I Felt ease from the very first moment. Thank you for a wonderful session mam.

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I visited Shachi with my son for counseling on certain issues. Shachi for a couple of years now. She was, for a short while, considered to be an evil spirit. It is said that he chose her over all of the other goddesses because of Her magnetic attractions.

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Shachi Maheshwari Ji from the bottom of my heart for wonderful session. I would prefer referring Shachi Maheshwari to all those people who are looking for many solutions to their questions in life viz.

Your speech was truly awesome and it hit the normal routine thought-process, i am sure that everyone who attended the seminar has gained the positivity and motivation from your wonderful thought which you have shared with us. She not only helped my body get healed but also worked on the well-being.

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She has a significance in Vedic literature in developing the idea of Shakti which denotes power, the feminine personified might.

I finally decided to meet her and while interacting with her, realized how important it was for me to gain happiness through weight loss and stopping medicine for Diabetes. I will recommend Ms.

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Shachi Maheshwari Ji session I found a new confidence and decision capabilities in her and she made a major shift in life and took some very important decisions.

She is a goddess who, even though from a father of demonish origin, is pure, the most beautiful, kind and the one who was a wonder to many eyes; a source of jealously for long because there was no-one who did not long for her.

I am really delighted to share this through a testimonial. I strongly recommend each and every person to attend her sessions. Then, in later Hindu interpretations, she began personifying jealousy and evil intent, but after a few years, she became an important and highly worshiped Astral Spirit and is worshiped in South India until this day.

I feel a lot happier, healthier and a sense of calm has come over me. I have heard Shachi talking about how patients with chronic and acute illnesses been cured.