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Absolute vs Relative Path – Which Should You Be Using?

There is a limited number of URLs that Google crawlers crawl due to the actual cost involved in it. Going back to the last example, if page1. An example of an absolute URL would look like this: Regardless, as you've said in your answer, such a change won't have any noticeable affect.

Build a function to add or remove filter names in the array. Well, too bad, because they just doubled back on their purchasing decision can't win 'em all and have clicked back on your homepage, which now brings them to https: Relative Path vs Absolute Path: While your personal browser may let you omit the protocol, https: However, there are times you will use relative URLs as well depending on the need of your site.

Absolute vs Relative Path - Which Should You Be Using?

You read through another article, and another one, and click on even more links. The canonical tag indicates that a URL leads to the master copy of a webpage, which is the version that displays in search results: These days, search engines rely both on sitemaps and links to discover web pages.

Browsers and bots assume this link refers to a page that is either in the same directory as the page on which the link appears, or in a subdirectory below it.

Don't forget about the keywords — you'll use them in the links' anchors. Don't use 'nofollow' for internal links to save up link juice. An example of a bad internal linking structure is one where there are orphan pages and no consistent linking pattern.

In other words, nofollow links don't pass link juice. It's not known if Google will save the previous path should an error occur or whether they'd want to assume that. Open non-navigational links in a new tab. The most important rule is for your site to stay internally consistent.

Absolute and relative link - Webmaster Forum

You can also do it the other way around: The only way to ensure that you've eliminated these uncertainties is by utilizing absolute URLs, and doing so consistently across the site. It is important to use anchors consistently, i. Typically, you'll have the content of the home page optimized to rank high for these keywords, with seo internal links relative absolute dating pages serving an auxiliary purpose.

If there are several links on the same page that point to the same URL, search engines would give the priority to the first anchor text.

Creating a Relative Path for Connecting Website Elements

These pages still provide useful information to users, but they are not supposed to rank high for any keywords. Use keywords in the anchor text. Using keywords in the links' anchor text is yet another measure you can implement to improve keyword rankings. In some cases such as WordPress, you can use a plugin such as Better Search Replace to modify certain links.

Furthermore, relative protocol URLs are not ideal for linking between pages, nor should they be used in conjunction with canonical tags.

Absolute Links vs. Relative Links – SEO Value

They end up on a page requesting credit card information: It's worth noting that in the post-Penguin world, most SEOs wouldn't advocate the use of exact match keywords in internal links' anchor text. This and the following two internal linking strategies are based on the competition level and search volume of your keywords.

Should you stop using the plugin your website will still work as the plugin uses root relative urls and browsers assume the same domain when they see a relative url. Does your site use subdomains or HTTPs? The following is an example of what a link using a relative protocol looks like: It is the address to your site and its subpages.

It's pretty well a given that search engines store the full path at some point, it's unlikely they wouldn't perform this conversion during the crawl process to remove duplicates.

Image search can also benefit from specifying absolute image URLs by asserting ownership in the image search results, thereby reducing duplicates from competing sites, particularly in cases where they're hotlinking to original image content on your site.

If you want to understanding how to optimize internal linking, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using absolute URLs versus using relative URLs. You'll need to rebuild your WebSite Auditor project.

To top it up, an excessive number of links can send a spam signal for search engines. Place links within pages' main content.

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We are going to use Rank Tracker for this task. You might use protocol-relative URLs to reference scripts or images in a page template that's used in both the secure and non-secure areas of the site, which is typical of e-commerce sites where the UI elements remain consistent from shopping to checkout, but they're a bad idea for links between pages or for canonical tags since the bots could potentially end up crawling the same page in both HTTP and HTTPS modes, which are considered unique URLs even though the rest of the URL after the " http: If you ever change your domain name, keeping all of your links relative will make the transition much easier.

We can use the accumulated link juice your blog posts enjoy to promote pages that are stuck somewhere on page 2 in the SERPs.

On Page Optimization: Absolute Links, Relative Links and SEO

If you are into "PageRank sculpting", nofollowing internal links is a waste of ranking power. Here is a concise list of internal linking rules I usually but not always abide by.

Of course, if you just pasted page2. Such keywords often have very generic meaning, e.

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Now, imagine a folder structure with a root directory that contains folderA, and folderA contains folderB. I'll assume you already track rankings in Rank Tracker otherwise, you'll need to import your target keywords into the tool and run a ranking check for them.

Because you are curious, you click on some of these links. What is the difference between a relative and an absolute URL?

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We're all over the place socially speaking. All you're likely to do is complicate your development. To audit your anchors, fire up WebSite Auditor once more.

If you choose the wrong type, it will not only make the site difficult for search engines to crawl but also affect your SEO strategy. This is useful when moving a site from development to staging to production.

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In addition to moving the whole site to a new domain, you can identify specific domains as being related. Use a similar approach to the one described in the previous step.

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The alt attribute of image links acts like anchor text for text links — so it's another opportunity to send a ranking signal to search engines.

Nowadays, users are very demanding when it comes to the speed of websites, including page load time and the time required to complete certain actions.

On complicated websites this goal can be achieved using breadcrumbs, tag clouds, and internal search. They often act as independent website areas that are not linked from the main website's content and are normally blocked from indexation.

You can't locate the problem by find-replace like you can with other path-relative URLs, which can become a real headache over time if you're relying on dot-dot-slash notation throughout the site.

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