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He's, obviously, not a great actor since, I think, this would only be his second major role in a film. View All Critic Reviews 5 Audience Reviews for See No Evil 2 Let's face it the whole slasher movie has been dead for many years now and the first See No Evil movie was pretty awful and this one is worse, Same old Friday 13th rehashed plot, Full of stupid people who die in carbon dating method biology online same old boring ways, I had no problem with Glenn Jacobs as the villain but it's not enough to make this predictable, Boring film any good, But if they ever needed an actor to play Jason Vorhees then look no further than Glenn Jacobs, He's 7 feet tall, Very well built and could probably do most of his stunts as he's taken his fair share of bumps in Wwe, Anyway the film is terrible but give Glenn Jacobs something half decent he'd be worth watching.

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Jamie Clarke Super Reviewer Katherine Isabelle provides some genuine laughs and the Soska Sisters dish out a few visually compelling shots, but ultimately I can't figure out why this sequel ever got made. Again, see no evil 2 trailer latino dating not like the film re-invents the slasher wheel in any way, and it's actually fairly content at playing into those cliches, but it's a surprisingly better film that one would imagine.

With that said, I still think this is better than most anyone would've ever expected it to be and a considerably better film than the first one, so I'd recommend if you have Amazon Prime Video, even if it's barely slightly above average. But that film came out over 9 years ago, so I'd have to go back and revisit it to see if it improves upon second viewing, though I really doubt it.

And it pays off because Katharine is pretty great in this movie and is, easily, the most memorable character in the entire film.

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They do try to give the characters something more to do, but it doesn't really add that much. Glen Jacobs, as I mentioned in the review of the first film, does have a presence about him, since he is at, or near, 7-feet tall, so he plays the part really well, at least from a physical standpoint.

These women know their horror and they definitely bring a lot of life to what is a really tired and cliched genre. The acting is fine, nothing special and, as mentioned, the only really memorable performance ends up being Katharine Isabelle's.

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Jesse Ortega Super Reviewer Significantly better than a direct-to-video WWE produced horror sequel has any right to be, with an innovative 'final girl', a good music score and some decent cinematography. I think this also benefits from a more dialed back approach, it's simply not just a slasher, but it does have moments where it builds tension and does it effectively at that.

The casting of Katharine Isabelle was clearly their move.

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The characters aren't great, they're fairly one-dimensional at that and, outside of Katharine Isabelle, no one really stands out.

I think the film benefits from the Soska sisters directing the film.

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While I'm sure they had some input into certain script modifications, I think the film would've been better if they had major creative involvement.

Though, the problem with the film is, that the Soskas are working with a script that wasn't written by them.

But he looks menacing and that's, really, what's most important in a film like this. It's not great or anything, but at least it's something more than the usual stuff.