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Has One Direction's Harry Styles replaced Caroline Flack with Sarah-Louis Colivet?

Fans have been wondering if Niall Horan and Demi Lovato might become a couple after she revealed she thinks he's "so adorable. Since his rise to fame, Styles has been linked to a few ladiesincluding New York-based photographer Sarah-Louise Colivet, 24, and year-old singer Lily Halpern.

Harry was not with a 23 year old model. He looks for a girl with good humor, blonde or brown hair he said would make a cute coupleand to be nice obviously.

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He got asked if he would date a fan. She really likes Harry but sarah-louise colivet dating harry styles Justin promise not to go on the record about it. If I really like you, then it shouldn't matter if you're a fan or not! Rumor has it that Justin Bieber, Swift's onetime Punkerknows a big-time star who has a crush on Styles, but the Biebs swears he's been "sworn to secrecy" and can't reveal who it is.

Although they are good friends they are not, and never were dating.

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Would Harry Styles date a fan? Maybe if you met one of the other boys he could hook you up with him. But according to Daily Mail sources, after the twosome met at the Kids' Choice Awards last monthSwift told her pal Bieber that she kind of has a crush on Styles.

Harry doesn't judge a girl on her looks mainly.

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Is Harry Styles still dating Caroline Flack? In an interview Louis asked him if he would date a 13 yr old Plus, in his words, "It would be hard to have a girlfriend right now, because I am so busy and wouldn't be able to spend as much time with her as I would like to.

So, we'll just have to see what happens; Harry Styles, does enjoy being single for now, and who can blame him! She seems to be a nice girl. He likes a girl who has a good personality and who is funny.

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First you would have to meet him and it would depend on your personality. Is Harry styles dating Liam Payne? How many people as harry styles dated? Caroline, however likes to deny it and simply state that 'He's very sweet but Harry and I are just friends', most likely because she could get in trouble for dating Harry who was 17 years old at the time.

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Your hair would probably need to be down as the song u dont know your beautiful explains that he gets overwelmed if u flick your hair Would harry styles date a redhead?

But I hope this helped you! Both parties have yet to comment on the speculation.

Harry Styles is reportedly dating the 24-year-old after meeting in the US.

He would wait to date you if you are to young but other wise he said he would date anyone any age. He answered with saying " Of course! The oldest he has dated was a 32 year old woman named Caroline Flack who no One Direction fan likesShe was a host on the X-tra Factor, I believe, and Harry Styles did date her for quite sometime.

Would Harry Styles date someone from Serbia?

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Harry isn't the only 1D-er being linked to American singers. But it could be a bromance How young would harry styles date?

One Direction: Sarah-Louise Colivet dumps Harry Styles?! | The X Factor | TellyMix

I really commend the other guys for being able to do it! Who has Harry Styles from One Direction dated? Including Taylor Swift and other famous people and now hegot back together with Kendall Jenner: