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The champion, though, is Courtney Act, who struts down the stage with straight-up wings on her back, unfurling them to at least eight feet across when she hits the end of the runway.

You Are The Queen Beneath My Wings

Everyone else, though, is a disaster. The switcheroo leads to some awkward editing during the announcement of the mini-challenge, since we hear "ooooh girl" then go straight to RuPaul's pun-filled intro video.

Next, Courtney asks Ru for advice, since her critiques are always pretty general. I'm not sure I see the "big change" or "new vulnerability" everyone's gagging on all night, but hey…everybody's gotta have a storyline, right?

I was amazed that RuPaul managed to keep calm and composed during the whole hooplah — but then that is the magic of Botox I suppose. They made the right call. She received poor reviews from the judges and placed in the bottom two.

I always thought it should've been a hit.

The ladies serve the best runway looks of the season.

Chaz will be the guest, along with his grandmother and Cher's motherGeorgia Holt. Moral of the story dears, never waste a free drink!

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Even shady Darienne, who gets clocked on her name-calling shit and takes it like a champ, isn't so terrible when you really think about it.

However, no where did this dating an athlete advice column more prevalent than in season 3 when Shangela and Mimi Imfurst had an argument which saw Shangela throwing her cocktail over Mimi.

During critiques, Bianca, Joslyn, Gia, and Milk are safe. Man…that queen grew on me this year. Take the world by storm, educate the masses. Also, it's a nice coincidence that Chaz Bono is a guest this week.

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In the episode "Comedy Queens", Trinity delivered a well received comedic routine, which made RuPaul cry. If you're going to go big, THIS is how you go big. Untucked that made my jaw drop for all the right, or wrong, reasons.

Stuff To Do

Chad was an all rounder and this impersonation was the OMG cherry on an already amazing cake. The queens are asked to channel their "jungle animal realness," and with the exception of Joslyn who basically just shows her ass again and Adore who wears a face mask and calls it a dayeverybody nails it.

But at least she knew Chaz's name. For the main challenge, each team has to act in a horror movie, the original and the sequel. Create a beach themed lip sync in pairs Mini-Challenge Winners: She released an album last year, donchaknow, and made some minor TV appearances in the '50s.

And though we learn later that Joslyn was genuinely interested because she actually watched Georgia's recent documentary, it doesn't change the fact that this moment reveals an utter lack of common sense.

There have been arguments, fights, reconciliations and amazing fashion to behold every year, and some of that is just from the judging panel.

It's like having Chelsea Clinton over for tea, then talking incessantly about her parents. For one thing, most of these hos ask about Cher, which is just rude.

It's hard to explain. Pretty On The Inside For this week's challenge, the queens will be hosting a talk show, which is a nice callback to the Season One episode where contestants tried to interview Tori Spelling and her husband, gamely pretending those two had something interesting to say.

Although Bianca had stated earlier in the season that she didn't want to work with Trinity, Bianca became very helpful and encouraging to Trinity, which helped her "break out of her shell".

Trinity K Bonet (@trinitykbonet) • Instagram photos and videos

I'm really excited about this because I unabashedly love Paula Abdul. She also had some tension with fellow contestant Bianca Del Riowho liked to criticize her, along with other contestants.

Tyra quickly made a recovery but I cannot deny that was a scary couple of minutes as a viewer.

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Adore, who was skittish and fumbling in her interview, sinks to the bottom two, and surprisingly, Trinity joins her. Before she exits, Ms.

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Now that Laganja's no longer around to suck up all the attention with her bottomless need, we can enjoy them a bit more. These were tender and brave moments for both girls and had me reaching for the tissues a couple of times too making them our joint number 7.

Darienne finds a shockingly elegant way to dress like an elephant. No matter how nonplussed we may feel during later segments of this episode, we can't pretend we weren't warned. Adore and DeLa are declared the winner and each chooses the others to be on their team.

Tony Award Realness Challenge Winner: The challenge set for the girls in season six was to recreate a famous RuPaul look which many took to very well. During judges' critiques, Milk's team is deemed safe with Darienne winning.

Before Fame

However it was Trinity K Bonet and Ongina who really caught out attention as both of them came out as HIV positive in their respective seasons. However, by the time we get to Untucked, Ben's talking about how much he learns from Courtney's positive attitude, and Courtney's detailing the hard, horrible times she had to endure in order to find her sunny outlook.

Milk and Adore are deemed as the winners and have to choose queens to be on their team.