The blood-dimmed tide of fascism is loosed in Modi’s India | Asia Times The blood-dimmed tide of fascism is loosed in Modi’s India | Asia Times

S modis india flirting with fascism meaning. Is modi's india flirting with fascism? | head to head

The only regret he voiced about the carnage was that he did not handle the news media well.

Cadila: Warning letter poses fresh challenges

Rehan Mughal 13 March The article reflects the common tendency amongst the Indian Muslims to keep the Islamic separatist cake and eat the Indian constitutional bread.

Sudheendra Kulkarnithe superescolas de herois online dating of India that evokes a thousand disturbing thoughts I am unable to read the newspapers anymore today.

They attribute any restraint the previous BJP government displayed to its political inefficacy. But he should care about respecting and preserving the religious tolerance to which India has always aspired in spite of its unmanageable diversity.

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Re conversions, Hindus have had millennia to remove the scandal of Dalit oppression. I feel it is this right wing hatred and prejudice that is bringing terror to the cities of India in the form of revenge. The contemporary world has no place for fascists. Thank you Existing comments Can the writer explain the extermination of hindus from Kashmir and ethic cleaning of Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan?

Muslims in india have swelled from 50 million to over million in the last 30 years Arun 01 October Smart try to provoke Aussies Tapan 01 October This is a timely, well-written and balanced article. A prime minister can be forgiven for lacking formal education or erudition, for being bankrupt of ideas, for being vacuous — even for being a hollow man.

I hold him in high s modis india flirting with fascism meaning as an intellectual and humanist. Opt for coarse sandpaper.

Is Modi's India flirting with fascism? | India | Al Jazeera

These Muslims, the hardline Hindu groups argue, have strayed from their path and are returning home to the Hindu fold. To date, they are not even on the terror watch list.

Pray, what is democracy, Modi, without plurality of opinion? Clamping down on the freedom of students to demonstrate at an institution of learning strikes at the very core of democracy.

Head to Head – Is Modi’s India flirting with fascism?

Perhaps, he could bring some high-quality acetone and kerosene not the adulterated Indian brand from his next foreign trip and gift them to Kulkarni?

The vast majority of Germans failed to resist the rising tide of fascism, although they could see it coming. With a majority in Parliament, the BJP is not beholden to a coalition partner and can push its sociocultural agenda.

The Congress government in power did nothing to prevent the destruction or stem the nationwide religious riots that followed. They were Hindu-Muslim riots that erupted in the wake of the burning of the Hindus in a railway coach believed to be by the Muslims.

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Protests broke out across India in mid-February over the arrest of a student at a prestigious university in New Delhi on charges of sedition.

He cannot be held accountable for every instance of intolerance; undoubtedly, many take place out of his purview. Advani were more moderate than Modi and his top officials. Churchians have to mend their ways. A Division of Labor New Delhi: They claimed it had been built on the same land where a temple to the Hindu god Ram once stood.

James 02 October Thanks, Yusuf, for your insightful comments.

Debates a sham, no argument

Of course the Australian Government should make its views clear to the indian Government, speak up for the Christians in Orissa and other persecuted minorities in other parts of India. Comment 0 Seldom does adrenaline flow so instinctively the moment one begins reading the morning newspapers in the Indian capital, but today is one such day.

Patricia 01 October Two strange comments there. I feel numbed with pain as the thought begins stealthily entering the consciousness: It is no secret that Modi relies heavily upon the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh RSSa Hindu nationalist organization, for ideological support and manpower during elections.

But is this reading too much into the hate speech and stray acts of a handful? Do you have the foggiest idea that in this information age, the world can see India with own eyes?

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The point of this article for me was that, regardless of our ethnicity or religion, we cannot afford to have double standards and should speak out against injustice wherever it occurs. Hindus are not going to Christians to convert them to Hinduism.

However, if someone else from another religious group kills some Hindu, they brand them a terrorist right away. New concept and let it not fall into the ears of BJP.