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We also made a lot of improvements. Even the Bank staff. Enter the last 8 digits of the user identification card number or the user login you have received by visiting the Website or that you have generated using the Internet Banking option or the ROSBANK Online mobile application The user identification card is issued to clients at Rosbank outlets for a zero fee.

Since the beginning of the total credit portfolio has shrunk Follow three simple, 2018 christian singles conference kansas important rules: Save the card and you will no longer need to enter it manually.

There is a search and payment of taxes and penalties available in a new version. Rosbank clients holding Rosbank principal bankcards, whose telephone numbers are registered in the Bank database, can use the remote registration option by doing one of the following: Please note that you will need your mobile phonedevice.

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Mashi Poryvaevoj, 34 URL www. It will be improved in new versions. On the assets side, the bank reported a drop in the credit portfolio down Rub All of your templates are now available in the mobile app.

The "Pay for services", "Transfers" and "Operations history" are now merged in the same menu and you can access to your account statement in just one click. If you are not a Rosbank client, you do not have access to or you do not use the Rosbank Internet Banking, please contact any of the Rosbank outlets to get your user identification card free of charge.

New features are on the way! The main reason for such decline was an outflow of corporate funds off Rub 53 blna reduction in the funds drawn in the inter-bank lending market, including from the Bank of Russia under repurchase transactions down Rub That said, French banking group Societe Generale currently controls Enter the password that you use to enter the Internet Banking by logging in by using your user identification card number or your user login.

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The total share of drawn inter-bank loans is In addition, in decline are also own funds down Rub 7. Provisions against granted loans are stable, equaling You must remember your password. At present, the group has a presence in 66 countries of the world via nearly 3, branches and a workforce ofSupport for 3D Touch is now implemented 1.

Fill in the electronic registration form at the Website using the https: The lending institution also stands out by a very high level of activity in the conversion market, being a market maker with turnover exceeding Rub 1.

The Board of Directors: We improved the usability for transfers between your own cards.


Rosbank highlights retail business, corporate services, investment banking services and also private banking as key areas of business. You can repeat the P2P transfer from the Operations history and add it to the favourites.

Core operations are carried out in France and other European countries. The feedback is always welcome. Looking forward to feedback: Please note that you will need your mobile phone device.

Societe Generale is a Big 3 bank in France. You can find card statement by tapping the card. If you are not a Rosbank client, please contact or visit any Rosbank outlet, where a client manager will help you to choose the financial services you need and will guide you to get access to the Internet Banking option and ROSBANK Online mobile application.

As you requested, we have brought back the widget with latest transactions and made many improvements.

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In MayGolubkov was freed from prison due to the expiration of the longest period permitted for imprisonment. Confirmation of transactions in the Internet bank now available by mobile token.

Since the beginning of NPLs have increased marginally to 9. The bulk of retail loans falls to consumer loans Meanwhile, investments in the securities portfolio jumped by Rub 6.