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Rock band harmonix drum set how to hook up, why wait for warranty coverage when you can hack it yourself today?

Playing Rock Band with a Yamaha DTXplorer (How-To)

Drums come with a variety of finishes. Boom stands have a movable arm, or boom, that extends from the stand at an angle, allowing you greater flexibility in placing your cymbals. Many jazz players prefer the livelier sound and quick response of thinner heads, while rock players generally like the fatter sound of two-ply heads.

An integrated footpedal is pushed down to close the hi-hats and raised to open them.

Rock Band Harmonix

Why does "A" stand for orchestral? Insert the two long rods into the holes on top of either V piece. You will also need an electronic drum kit monitor speaker and amplifier so that you can hear yourself onstage if you perform with a band.

In my implementation, I also connected the Yellow, Blue, and Green buttons to two switches each, in parallel. Thanks to the ingenious ideas of some members of the rockband. The drum parts are played using a special controller shaped like an electronic drum set.

This drum's distinctive sound comes from the metal wires, or snares, that are held in place against the thin bottom head of the drum with a device called a strainer that's mounted on the shell. I cannot guarantee that this will work for the drum kit you are using.

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Drum Accessories and Practice Tools Apart from obvious things like drum sticks and nastia and derek dating, there are dozens of other products designed to transport, adjust, maintain, repair, and customize your drum kit as well as tools to help you become a better drummer.

Many drummers like using heavier sticks for practicing than for gigging in order to develop strength and stamina.

Rock Band Drum Set Wii

These affordable drum kits usually include all the drums, cymbals, stands, and other hardware needed to start playing right out of the box. The Rockband script, for me, only has the kick pedal working.

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Heads come in many varieties—coated, clear, single ply, and double ply. These include using a felt strip on the bass drum batter head, cutting a hole in the front bass drum head, placing a pillow against the inside of the batter head, or using a specialized muffling bass drum head.

I have no personal experience with the blue board, but rockband. Ludwig of the Ludwig drum company, who simply felt it printed better. Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green are self-explanatory.

How to play drums on Rock Band? — Harmonix Forums

The two holes on the top of both V pieces should be facing up. I know I can use Notepad, I'm talking about the syntax.

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It dawned on me that there were two things processing the drum kit input so I exited Joy2Key and discovered that Reaper was successfully accepting drum kit input and that I wouldn't need Joy2Key. Drum Thrones Most drum sets do not include a drum throne. First, you need to have the MSA-P assembled.

Note however, that there are at least two different types of control boards used in the various versions of the Rock Band drum controller.

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Muffling Your Drums Part 1 and Part 2. Plug the cable connected to the drum pedal into the back of the drum pads.

However, there are no strict guidelines for what kind of head to use—drummers have very personal responses to the way different heads sound, so let your ears be your guide.


These small sensors attach to your drum heads and trigger sounds from an external electronic drum module. Toms larger than 16" are usually mounted on legs, in which case the drum is called a floor tom. Oak has a similar sound to maple, with a more porous composition and a powerful, bright sound.

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While there are drum sets that work for a variety of styles, in general it's a good idea to choose a drum set that fits the style of music you play. Drum Hardware Drums alone do not a drum set make—hardware is another crucial component that makes up a complete kit.

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Many drummers buy additional snare drums to use in special situations. A well designed drum stool can help you play better thanks to its superior ergonomics.

A project enclosure optional.


These larger kits are well suited for heavy rock, fusion, contemporary, and metal styles. This forms the base of the drum set.

He also posted an awesome YouTube video showing off his mod and giving an overview of how its done. Birch is very dense and tough, with a harder and brighter sound than maple or mahogany.

The double bass drum set was pioneered by the great jazz players and popularized by rock drummers.

Rock Band Companion

It has a lever that allows you to tighten or release the snares. The sound is slightly warmer than maple and is said to have a "vintage" character. For the top of the snare drum, most drummers prefer to use a coated head, as it serves to slightly attenuate the very lively response of the snare drum.

You can plug in headphones for nearly silent practice. Generally 20" or 22" in size, ride cymbals create a continuous "riding" pattern and are often used for accompanying instrumental solos.