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Whirlwind [ edit ] The Whirlwind artillery tank is the Spehss Mahrens' primary artillery piece. It's optimized for screwing over infantry, it can either fire an AP4 shell for anyone in the open, or another one that ignores cover saves.

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Firstly, as a cheap, efficient transport, they have a deleterious "pounds to points" ratio. In a similar vein, they did not always transport troops faster or more safely than walking, again edition-dependent. Additionally, they can't carry bulky models or be used for scouting or infiltration well, thus closing off other combat styles from finding their use.

Other Rhino variants[ edit ] Because the Rhino is an incredibly easy vehicle to both make, maintain, and customize, the Imperium has developed several vehicles based on the Rhino chassis, though nearly all of them are exclusive to the Spehs Mahrens.

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Oddly, they must have only had a Guardsman model on hand for scale purposes This is because they didn't make one, they dressed up a FV In short, think of it as a battering ram It has a Storm Bolter, which is generally better than a Combi-Bolter at longer ranges, and it can mount a wide variety of weapons as well, including things like Hunter-Killer missiles infinite range one-shot Krak Missile.

Instead, it has a turret-mounted autocannon and 2-side mounted Heavy-Bolter sponsons and even heavier armor.

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Although the Mechanicum don't really use them as much, the Skitarii found them to be quite useful in regards of not getting sniped in the battlefield. Essentially speaking, almost everyone uses the damned Metal Box like the 40k equivalent of fucking iPhones. It can't exactly contest with the IG's artillery in terms of power, but it is more mobile than most of them.

There's also the Blood Angels ' custom version called the Baal Predator, which mounts a twin-linked assault cannon or passport to love dating divas halloween flamestorm cannon for a turret.

Mechanicus Rhino The Mechanicus also deploys the Rhino but in less frequency due to having most of its forces as cyborgs and robots.

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Back in the ye olde days, the Squats were able to gain access to the Rhino in the Ork and Squat Warlords army book back in That or maybe the forces of the Talons of the Emperor are having budget cuts and decide to use the Rhinos as compensation so they could use their more advance vehicles as a backup.

More expensive, but it can now mount shinier bits like Multi-Meltas and lascannons, which means it can act as a useful close-support unit as well as a transport, if the Predator is your Main Battle tank, the Razorback is your light Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

Overview[ edit ] They are the most ubiquitous vehicle period on the tabletop, as well; they are cheap, effective, easily-modded, and useful in a wide array of scenarios.

This makes the Loyalist Rhino useful as an assault transport, and generally ensures that it can get where it needs to go in a hurry. Topping it all off, they can pump some ammo down-range for when you really need to squeeze out some extra fire.

While the Inquisition do also have access to the Chimerait is more regulated to act as a support vehicle rather then being a dedicated transport, so the Inquisition rolls with it. Additionally, dozer blades for Loyalist Rhinos work at speeds higher than 6", so it's possible for a Loyalist Rhino to move at cruise speed or even flat-out and still get the bonus on Difficult Terrain tests.

Vindicator [ edit ] Probably the only good thing Roboute Guilliman did during the Horus Heresy is inventing the Vindicator. Particularly useful for marine Devastator Squads which provides them with much needed mobility and can provide effective support for them as their weapons can match the range devastators typically fight from.

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It is similar to the loyalist counterparts but with Mechanicum iconography and stuff. They're also painted in Mechanicum red, black and white to show that yes, the Rhino is part of the Mechanicum forces. If you don't take them out while their cargo is inside, you'd better take them before they do such dick moves as acting as moving cover, providing fire support for the Chaos version,though the loyalists can do the same with the Razorback and acting as tank shockers, since the annoyance factor of these things racks up in a hurry.

Plus the Mechanicum needs something that would led their expendable robo-men to do something rather than instantly dying in droves.

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It's very similar to the normal Rhino same equipment, same options. Predator Tank [ edit ] The Predator tank is the Space Marine's standard battle tank that uses an armored up Rhino chassis, but has no more transport capabilities as its weapons and ammunition take up the space.

Firaeveus Carron hates the things for some reason. The deal worked, and now our little space dwarfs can ride inside a metal box while being supported by even bigger Metal Boxes.

It totally makes up for the fact that Chaos fellows don't get Razorbacks.

In a few ways, the Chaos Rhino is a better deal than the Loyalist version. Squat Rhino Yeah the Squats have them too. So it is of no surprise that the Inquisition would choose the famous Rhino and its versatility.

Stalker [ edit ] A new Pattern, introduced in the 6th edition codex for the Space Marines. As you can imagine, this makes it just as awesome, if not more, than the Space Marine Rhino.

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Like, for the entire day he was dropped on his head over and over. Guess it really is that good eh? As a broad counterpoint, there are a couple reasons to not utilize Rhinos.

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