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Replacement in kind means a replacement which satisfies the design specification. For purposes of this definition, any group of vessels which are interconnected and separate vessels which are located such that a highly hazardous chemical could be involved in a potential release shall be considered a single process.

Revalidating Process Hazard Analyses

Facilities meeting this definition are not contiguous with, and must be geographically remote from all other buildings, processes or persons. This section contains requirements for preventing or minimizing the consequences of catastrophic releases of toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive chemicals.

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Hot work means work involving electric or gas welding, cutting, brazing, or xylect online dating flame or spark-producing operations.

The node does not include the tank loading systems.

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A chlorine cylinder is dropped from the hoist during cylinder changes? The intent of a storage tank is to: A Hydrocarbon fuels used solely for workplace consumption as a fuel e.

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Boiling point means the boiling point of a liquid at a pressure of Process means any activity involving a highly hazardous chemical including any usestorage, manufacturing, handling, or the on-site movement of such chemicals, or combination of these activities. What-If a chlorine main cylinder valve develops a leak while the cylinder is in operation?

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The operator noticed and responded to the alarm right away, stopping the unloading operation. What-If the pressure reducing valve vent becomes stuck in the open position?

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The compilation of written process safety information is to enable the employer and the employees involved in operating the process to identify and understand the hazards posed by those processes involving highly hazardous chemicals.

This information shall consist of at least the following: The pressure reducing valve vent becomes stuck in the open position? Highly hazardous chemical means a substance possessing toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive properties and specified by paragraph a 1 of this section.

What is the consequence?

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An unplanned event or incident sequence that results in a loss event and its associated impacts, including the success or failure of safeguards involved in the incident sequence. Maintain a working inventory of liquid RM which is supplied by tank rail cars from outside suppliers.

Facility means the buildings, containers or equipment which contain a process. Functions Limits Compositions Procedural steps It answers one of these questions: In accordance with the schedule set forth in paragraph e 1 of this sectionthe employer shall complete a compilation of written process safety information before conducting any process hazard analysis required by the standard.

A chlorine main cylinder valve develops a leak while the cylinder is in operation? These releases may result in toxic, fire or explosion hazards.

Revalidating process hazard analyses

Atmospheric tank means a storage tank which has been designed to operate at pressures from atmospheric through 0. Wherever a process parameter changes At end of line vessel interface Line may include pump, valves, filter, etc.

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Trade secret means any confidential formula, pattern, processdevice, information or compilation of information that is used in an employer 's business, and that gives the employer an opportunity to obtain an advantage over competitors who do not know or use it.

What-If a chlorine cylinder is dropped from the hoist during cylinder changes? Normal production was then resumed. Initiating cause frequency Loss event impact Safeguards effectiveness If the scenario risk is found to be too high, safeguards are considered inadequate Risk based on: Normally unoccupied remote facility means a facility which is operated, maintained or serviced by employees who visit the facility only periodically to check its operation and to perform necessary operating or maintenance tasks.

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Process vessel Transfer line Strictly: While unloading a tankcar into a caustic storage tank, the tank high level alarm sounded due to the person unloading not paying close attention to the operation. Catastrophic release means a major uncontrolled emission, fire, or explosion, involving one or more highly hazardous chemicals, that presents serious danger to employees in the workplace.

This process safety information shall include information pertaining to the hazards of the highly hazardous chemicals used or produced by the processinformation pertaining to the technology of the processand information pertaining to the equipment in the process.

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What is the initiating cause? List the consequences, safeguards, and recommendations on the What-If worksheet. No employees are permanently stationed at the facility.