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Will it still conform to the principle of relativity? The observer on the train sees the front and back of the train at fixed distances away from the source of the light flash since the front, back, and train observer are all in the same inertial frame.

Why are these two things [constancy velocity of light and classical velocity addition] inconsistent with each other?

Relativity of simultaneity

There, Lorentz dealt with the problems of electrodynamics and was able to solve them completely in the first approximation The train is struck by two bolts of lightning simultaneously, but at different positions along the axis of train movement back and front of the train car.

Then I dealt with Fizeau's experiment and tried to approach it with the hypothesis dreadlockssite dating the equations for electrons given by Lorentz held just as well for the system of coordinates fixed in the moving body as for that fixed in the vacuum Does this mean that Einstein's light postulate is simply a stipulation enforced by the protocol for synchronizing clocks?

For the observer on board the train, the front and back of the traincar are at fixed distances from the light source and as such, according to this observer, the light will reach the front and back of the traincar at the same time.

The illustration shows the effect for a rod equipped with clocks.

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What Lorentz who invented radiometric dating problems up with was an ingenious mathematical device, his theorem of corresponding states, which allowed him to arrive at the result with minimal effort.

And did that knowledge somehow figure in his discovery of the relativity of simultaneity? This isn't what listeners on Earth heard, due to relativity of simultaneity.

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What I propose is that, after much travail, Einstein finally saw that expression and thereby discovered the relativity of simultaneity.

All it shows is that Maxwell's theory can be applied properly only in one frame of reference, the ether frame of reference. I cannot assure you that it is what happened. But in this case these are two identifiably different events: It is important for advanced students to be aware that special relativity and General Relativity differ about the nature of spacetime.

The Relativity of Simultaneity

This is shown in the illustration below. Science Amsterdam, I, Note also that we are observing this event from a large distance, equidistant from the red and green lights. However, such a correction would require knowing one's absolute velocity which is impossible to determine.

I propose that a similar development is also possible for Fizeau's measurement. One caveat of this approach is that the time and place of remote events are not fully defined until light from such an event is able to reach our traveler.

Relativity of simultaneity

Conversely, the platform observer sees light cover a greater distance to the front of the train, in less time but at the same speed observed by the train observer.

A strobe light in the middle of the train pulses once, emitting light in all directions. Since that procedure yields different judgments of simultaneity for different frames of reference, there is no longer an absolute fact as to whether two events are simultaneous; that judgment can vary from frame to frame.

So Lorentz's inferences proceed according to: The obvious questions are these.

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Setting it into motion as a whole in just the right way, he generated a new, slightly distorted solution in which the star moved in the ether and the earth was at rest.

In order to synchronize the clocks here on Earth the frame we send a light signal from one clock at the origin to the other and bounce it back. We can immediately see how the relativity of simultaneity dissolves paradoxes.

Now imagine that there is a second observer who moves uniformly with respect to the clocks, as shown in the figure above at the bottom left. Since light travels with speed c in every frame, A gets struck and killed before B does in the platform frame.

The front door of the barn does not close until the trailing edge of the pole passes by.

Simultaneity Ain't what It Used to Be

So the moving clocks are not synchronous and do not indicate the "true" time. From this noisy source, I have restored the few remarks by Armstrong which were only heard within the cabin. So we must entertain the possibility that Einstein found the relativity of simultaneity by another pathway and that the formulation and presentation of the special relativity paper was found later.

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The special theory of relativity is based on the light postulate, which asserts that all inertially moving observers judge the same speed for light. The Relativity of Simultaneity Here we see the relativity of simultaneity.

Special Relativity/Simultaneity, time dilation and length contraction

Definitions often presume certain factual conditions and these conditions may be non-trivial. This question led to the concept of de Broglie waves and quantum theory. As indicated, these transformations would allow him to switch motion and rest in the ether for the star and earth.

If the signals arrive at the same moment, as they do in the figure below. If no particular state of motion can be ascribed to the aether, there do not seem to be any grounds for introducing it as an entity of a special sort alongside space.

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If the two observers making these measurements use sets of clocks that are synchronized differently, then it is no longer so clear how their results will compare. Science Amsterdam, IV, Note that for the observer on the platform, each point on that line identifying a plane where y and z coordinates are the same is on a different level.

Thus, the flashes of light will strike the ends of the traincar at different times. This means that the events are simultaneous.

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