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Feel free to use this worksheet. The books depict the fictional dystopian nation of Panem, a territory divided into twelve districts and an advanced metropolis under the name of The Capitol, both located in what used to be North America.

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Though the idea of a bunch of kids being forced to kill each other in some refuerzo escolar online dating of contest is not new see Battle Royalewhat is indeed new to The Hunger Games trilogy is the fact that Suzanne Collins never forgets that the readers she is targeting for are teenagers.

I would like you to know something about it. These games are a televised show in which 12 girls and 12 boys from each of the districts are forced to participate.

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I taught him grammar lessons some time ago because he wanted to do the First Certificate examination. Do you celebrate this ancient tradition? As you probably know on 17 March is a very important day in Ireland. Can you guess which one? Object pronouns take place of nouns. After some time no see he told Read more about Default title[…] Default title Hello students, One of the writing tasks you have to do in exams at school is an opinion essay.

It is commonly thought that the word Easter comes from a pagan figure called Eastre who was celebrated Read more about Default title[…] Default title Hello everybody!

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I hope you enjoy reading Read more about Default title[…] Default title Hello everybody, Winter is here and Christmas is just around the corner.

I would like you to know some things about him: Some leisure activities will be held outdoors for those who are not Read more about Default title[…] Default title Hello everybody, There is an important public holiday in the USA this Thursday. We can see children and adults downtown looking at decorations for their Xmas trees and cribs.

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From her arrival onwards, Katniss describes how each of the tributes participating in the Games is killed or dies. Here comes autumn and Halloween is just around the corner. Katniss, together with Peeta Mellark, the other tribute from District 12, travels to The Capitol and there meets their mentor Haymitch Abernathy, the rest of the tributes and other relevant characters.

Read this and find out its origin. It is not just a worksheet, but something a bit more elaborate, with an introduction to the movies and the books, as well as a list of some of the words in the movie and their translation into Spanish.

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Have you ever asked yourself what the origin of the Easter bunny is? I had a conversation by chance a few days ago with one of my former students at the academy. The premise is simple:

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