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After reconstitution of the powder, Nplate solution for injection is administered subcutaneously. And now a "Megan is Missing" exclusive reenactment.

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Do not use solvents or infusion fluids containing dextrose for reconstitution or administration of ertapenem sodium. He smiled and said just this: Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. The first was Radu Gabreawho abandoned it once he decided to resettle in West Germany ; the second was Liviu Ciuleiwho disagreed with the writer over the plot's tragic outcome, and eventually ended talks.

After reconstitution of each sphere, it should be checked visually whether all freeze- dried material has dissolved completely.

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It stood there, without any comments, for about a month, before being withdrawn as discreetly as it had appeared. But that was a beach, a pool, there were girlies wearing bathing suits, some of them were connected with those girlies, and the [militiamen] were making them do what they had done when they were drunk, which was absurd, which made me shiver.

Swirl vial gently to aid reconstitution.

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There's a slight problem with this reconstruction. We're not going to be part of your reenactment. Alternatively the reconstitution can be performed with the included needle.

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Suggest an example Results: Radiolabelling must take place immediately after reconstitution of product. Advate is to be administered intravenously after reconstitution of the lyophilized product with the provided sterilised water for injections.

I was asked directly by the audience [ No further reconstitution or dilution is required. They were children, they were just children.

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After reconstitution in the vial the medicine is stable for 24 hours. Loyal Stonecutters let us begin our reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg. The vaccine should be used as supplied; no reconstitution is necessary. No, I shamelessly lied, for there was clearly a possibility for prevarication, no, I said in order to be able to return to Romania and make The Reenactment.


For as long as I am alive, they have not won their bet. Marcarea radioactiva se realizeaza imediat dupa reconstituirea produsului. Stuff used in last night's reenactment.

The police made them do what they had previously done.

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As you can see from my reconstructionthe blast distribution pattern indicates that the victim was hunched over the device when it was inadvertently triggered. He proposes that they are similar to a sensationalist trend in Romanian television, which sees stations competing for ratings by closely following cases of suicide and murder.

By reconstitution of the immunogen in the oil emulsion, the stimulation of immunity after injection is prolonged. As Pintilie notes, the invitation was intercepted by the Securitate and never reached him. The humble Geo Bogza.

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Pintilie confesses that the ceremony failed to impress him at the time, due to his feelings of dissatisfaction and his determination to continue filming in Romania.

In a fragment of his diary, published inhe reflected his frustration over this issue, comparing the censorship apparatus with the bureaucrats sarcastically depicted in the works of 19th century writer Nikolai Gogol: However, the film caused consternation among communist officials.