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They'll see how the introduction of chain restaurants both benefits and harms small communities all over the country. H7 can contaminate 32, pounds of ground beef. The paperback version of the book was first published in by Penguin Books.

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It has pages. They are, after all, the industry's biggest consumers. Chew on This addresses some of the most serious issues affecting our society, and its strongly fact-based narrative style, startling statistics, and eye-opening photographs will keep readers turning the pages.

The book is mainly a critique of the fast food industry.

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This video gives a taste of the fascinating, sometimes frightening truths the book exposes about the fast-food industry. There are roughly 9 million overweight or obese children in America and no reason to think that this number is shrinking.

Corporations will continue to exploit workers, underpay farmers, and manipulate consumers unless they are forced to stop.

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Chew on This shows them that they can change the world by changing what they eat. It tends to focus on McDonald's but covers all fast food in general.

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Oz illustrates in graphic detail the difference between healthy and diseased body parts and explains what can happen to those who stick to a fast-food diet.

The average American child views 40, television commercials per year, almost half of which promote junk food.

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Stomachs will turn and tempers will flare as the authors shine a light on the grisly conditions in a chicken slaughterhouse, explain how market research firms study kids, and learn how those delicious fast-food smells are manufactured at a factory in New Jersey.

And the fast-food industry loves kids: Publication details[ edit ] The book has been published twice: Educators, parents, and health professionals have an important role in educating and helping young people make healthy decisions about the food they eat.

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Chew on This puts a nice, empowering spin on the old Burger King jingle, 'Have it your way'. A national best-seller, Chew on This: Young readers will get an intriguing view of business history when they learn how high school dropouts and traveling salesmen started the restaurants they frequent.

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It covers such content as the way chickens die at a slaughterhouse ; how meatpacking has become more dangerous than it was back in the times of the Chicago Stock Yardscutting approximately cattle an hour; and how the average child sees approximately 40, advertisements a year, half of which are for fast foodcandybreakfast cerealsand soda.

It goes on to mention production, labor conditions, and the negative health effects of some fast food, production, and labor conditions. This book also retells the history of fast food, from the man who invented the first hamburgers to the creation of fast food companies.

The Washington Post said, "With its discussion of alternatives. The overwhelming response to the publication of Chew on This underscores the message of choice behind the book.

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Synopsis[ edit ] This book follows the general plot structure of Fast Food Nation but simplifies its predecessor's original content to make it more readable for younger children. This should be required fare before the next lunch bell rings.

To explain the point, the authors include a "tour" of the human body with the renowned heart surgeon Mehmet Oz.

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The authors profile real teens whose lives have been affected by fast food. In the national bestseller Chew on This, available in paperback Aprilthe award-winning journalists Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson share with young readers the fascinating and sometimes frightening truth about what lurks behind those sesame seed buns.

People magazine applauded the book for "giving kids a sense of their own power," while the Washington Post says Chew on This "should be required fare before the next lunch bell rings.